Are You Getting The Best Night’s Sleep?

Do you get up in the morning and wonder why you don’t feel as rested as you should? Quality sleep is a must, whether you’re a stay at home parent or a young professional. Sleep helps us to process everything that has happened the previous day. It flushes fat and toxins from the body. It helps us recover from strenuous activity. It rests the mind. There are so many more benefits of sleep, which is why you need to make sure you’re getting the best quality there is. There’s no point getting 8 hours a night if it’s interrupted! These tips will help you to get the best night’s sleep for you:

Know How Much Sleep You Need

Everybody is different, so everybody needs different amounts of sleep to function as best as they can. Some might only need 5 hours, while somebody else needs 9. The recommended amount is usually 7 or 8, but it really does depend. Just because you can function off 5 doesn’t mean that’s how much you need. You should try to make sure you get as much sleep as you need to function.

Make The Bedroom For Sleeping Only

So many people keep TVs, games consoles, and other things in the bedroom that confuse the brain. If you do more than sleep in the bedroom, your body is going to struggle to shut off in there. Get rid of anything in there with a light, or anything that could be confusing the body so that you can get used to just falling to sleep.



Wind Down Before Bed

Winding down before bed is essential to making sure you get the best quality sleep. If you hop right into bed after watching your favourite TV program, you’re unlikely to be able to sleep very well at all. In fact, you’ll probably toss and turn thinking about it for a good while! Try to avoid things like TV, phone, and tablet use a few hours before bed. If you want something to do, read a book. Maybe not one that will keep you up, though! Have a nice cup of relaxing tea, and slow down. Stop doing chores. Put your feet up. Turn the lights down. All of these things will help the body to wind down and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Take A Bath

Baths are great before bed. They heat up the body and then force the body to cool down rapidly, which helps people fall to sleep much quicker. Use essential oils in your bath or a bath bomb designed to help you relax if you like.

Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a really good way to fall asleep too. Burn incense, candles, or spray lavender on your pillow. Little tricks like this can make all the difference while you’re trying to drift off. Just don’t leave anything dangerous burning while you’re sleeping!

Choose The Right Kind Of Mattress

The kind of mattress you have can play a huge part in how well you sleep too. If your mattress is too hard or soft for you, not only will you have trouble sleeping, you can also hurt yourself. Spend time choosing a mattress that is right for you. A popular mattress these days is the tempur mattress, but few people know about them. Here you can find tempur mattresses explained so you can work out if it’s the right kind for you. There are also memory foam mattresses and even water mattresses to consider.

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Get Some Exercise Early On In The Day

Taking exercise early on in the day will help you to drop off later at night. However, if you exercise too close to bedtime you’ll probably find yourself lying awake. Try to get your exercise in in the morning or early afternoon for the best results.

Cut Back On Caffeine

Take note of how much caffeine you’re taking in and work out whether that could be affecting your sleep pattern. If you drink it all throughout the day, you might want to switch to decaffeinated tea and coffee, for instance. A little bit won’t hurt you, but too much will.

See A Doctor

Finally, if you’re still having sleep issues, see a doctor. You might not even realise what your problem is if you don’t sleep with another person. You could be suffering from something like sleep apnea and not even realise it.

Use these tips to get a great night’s sleep and you should begin to function better during the day.

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