Tips for Preparing Your Spring Garden on a Budget

Spring is here, and for many this is a time for planting and sowing as well as for sprucing up your garden with tips from Sovereign Chemicals. If you want to turn your garden into a beautiful example of what spring can mean but you only have a tight budget for doing so, then the following tips can help you prepare a great garden at minimum cost. 

Start with a Tidy-Up 

Begin with the basics, particularly a good tidy-up. Get rid of weeds and any debris that have accumulated while your garden was not being used over winter. Clear out the greenhouse if you have one, and generally make sure that everything is clear, neat and ready for planting. 

Sow from Seed 

It is usually cheaper to germinate plants yourself than to buy them ready-germinated. Even if your fingers are hopelessly un-green, you can probably find some suitably easy starters that fall within your abilities. Bulbs are a great solution for those who don’t like or aren’t good at germinating seeds. Usually, all you need to do is bury them in the ground, and in due course beautiful plants will spring up of their own accord. 

Declare War on Pests 

The war on garden pests pretty much lasts all through the spring and summer. Coming down hard on pests at this early stage can make the war easier later on. It can also help protect your plants in the crucial early stages of their development, when getting nibbled could kill or cripple them rather than simply keep them from looking their best. 

Treat Exterior Wood with Chemical Treatments 

As the weather dries up and the sun comes out, this is the best time to give exterior wood such as fences and garden furniture a good treatment. When you get a few days that are consistently bright and dry, seize the opportunity. This will not only ensure they are well protected in advance for when the sunny weather goes away again, but doing it at the start of the season gets these things looking their best, ready for the season when you want to really enjoy your garden atmosphere. 

Plan Ahead 

If you are going to plant some plants that will not last through the summer and others that will take their place when the hottest months arrive, planning for the summer plants starts now. It is probably best to plant the bulbs alongside their predecessors, but at the very least you should have them ready for planting before the end of the planting window for the varieties in question. 

Save Your Seeds 

When plants come to the end of their life and go to seed, save the seeds. That way you will have replacement plants for free next year. Likewise, when plants can be grown from bulbs, you should save the bulbs (though often they can be just left where they are), ready for regrowing next year.

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