5 Fun Affordable Additions To A Child’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom should be a fun and inviting space where your child can truly be themselves. Adding exciting items may sound expensive but it never has to break the bank. By creating a room that your child loves, you are more likely to encourage them to get into good habits such as tidying their room and going to bed on time. If they love the room they have, taking pride in it and spending time in there will not feel like a chore. If you’re hoping to add a bit of interest to a child’s bedroom, try the suggestions below for maximum impact with the minimum cost.

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Comfy Spots

A child’s room should have lots of areas to curl up and feel cosy. If we are short on space, day beds are effectively a bed and a sofa in one. We can find a range of really cool day beds for kids online. Many also incorporate extra storage space or pull-out details that will help us to keep uncluttered. Chairs can be a comfortable addition but can quickly take up space. Adding bean bags, cushions, and even a hammock doesn’t have to be expensive but adds lots of personality.

A Night Light

Many children are nervous of the dark. Many grown ups are too! A night light can be a soothing and reassuring addition that won’t keep them awake but will help them to feel secure. Many now come in a variety of shades or cast soothing shapes across the walls like stars or animals.

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A Games Box Or Cabinet

Storing games and toys in a child’s bedroom may sound like a recipe for a lot of late nights! But having the box or cabinet itself in the room can encourage them to tidy away after themselves. Having things that they enjoy in the room can also help to give confidence to children who may be reluctant to sleep on their own. If they create good associations of fun and playtime with the room, then they are more inclined to feel comfortable there.

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A Chalkboard

Children often love to draw. A chalkboard can be cheap, fun, and easy to clean. It is a great chance for children to practise their art skills and handwriting. With the addition of some coloured chalks, the board can be a great activity with friends. You can write messages on it for them to wake up to in the morning, or even little reminders like football practise or the dentist.

A colourful rug

If we’re feeling that our child’s bedroom is looking drab, it can be disheartening if fresh wallpaper or paint is not in the budget. But the addition of a colourful rug can lift the whole atmosphere of a room. There are now some very affordable examples on the market. They are as eye-catching as any ornament or artwork. But they don’t take up extra space and they are not vulnerable to being broken! A rug can also add a bit of warmth underfoot. It can be transformed into a comfy sitting spot for games, too.

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