Fun Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Is your son or daughter’s birthday coming up? If so, you’ll probably be well underway with all the planning and organisation. Once you’ve got all the main things sorted like a venue and food, you’ll have to think of fun ideas to keep all the kids entertained. Struggling to find any inspiration? Don’t worry; here are some awesome ideas for your child’s big birthday bash.


Hire A Children’s Entertainer

One way to make things super easy is to hire a children’s entertainer. There are loads of different kinds that you could get. Clowns are very popular, and all the kids will love their slapstick humour and balloon animals. You could also get a magician to come to your home and perform lots of cool tricks. If it is your daughter’s birthday, think about hiring a princess. There are now lots of female entertainers who attend birthday parties dressed as Disney princesses.

Party Games

If all the guests are full of beans and have lots of energy to blow off, it could be a good idea to get them active with some party games. Take them out into the garden for a game of tig or blind man’s buff. Don’t panic if it is raining; there are still lots of exciting games you can play indoors. Get all the kids into your living room or child’s bedroom and play musical statues or musical chairs. Make sure you buy a little present for the winner of each round!


Miracle Fruit

Ever heard of miracle fruit? This awesome fruit comes in the form of berries and is known for how it can alter our taste buds and make sour foods taste quite sweet. If you want to amaze all your guests, chew on a tablet made from miracle berries without them knowing. Then eat a lemon in front of their eyes. It’ll taste sweet to you, but they won’t realise it! Then, get them to chew a tablet and they will be amazed that sour foods will taste great!

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

This idea goes down very well with young children. Ask each guest to bring their favourite stuffed toy with them. Then you can host a teddy bears’ tea party or picnic. If it is sunny, take everyone out into the garden for a tasty picnic. If the weather isn’t looking too good, you can turn the picnic into a tea party. Kids will love imagining their teddies having an amazing time at the party with them!

Face Paints

Whether the party is for a son or a daughter, every child will love having their face painted! It is possible to hire a professional to do all the painting. Alternatively, you will be able to pick up some face paints from your local toy store and do it all yourself. Before the party, print out some pictures of butterflies, tigers, and other animals. You can then show these to the kids so that they can pick how they want their face to look. The pictures will also give you an idea of what to draw!

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