So Diablo 3

Well I have given up the dreaded World of Warcraft for now, its seems that since the last expansion it has lost its way for keeping content fresh. So I have fallen prey to Diablo 3 as I signed up for the offer to get it free and give blizzard a year of me subscribing to Wow.

I was really keen to get into Diablo but with time restraints I am quite behind most of my on line friends, however this does mean they can come and help me!

Game play wise I find it a unique change to the other games I currently play that are on the market presently such as WoW and Battlefield (Got to love some FPS) Its still pretty easy to lose a few nights with this game and of course The Mrs isn’t best pleased, although I have caught her several times taking a peek, I think she wants to get into it!

The best bit about Diablo 3 is the fact you can constantly swap gear out and give it to others (my higher level friend is always giving me his hand me downs!) Which was one thing that always annoyed me with WoW, the amount of gear just had to throw away rather than helping a friend out.

There are five classes you can play Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor andWizard. I am currently playing as a Demon Hunter and finding the class suits my play style very well, it is a first for me to go for a range class as I usually favour a heavy melee class. I will be trying out the other classes in due course, as with WoW I suspect I will reach max level with all classes at some point! (Although I don’t have a great deal of time to play these days!)

You can also have one of three follower who will assist you whilst battling numerous foe. You can have an Enchantress, Scoundrel or Templar. I currently opt for Templar which suits me for now but they all work in different ways. You get to partially gear your followers as you go along too with two rings, a neck and weapons.

Overall I am enjoying the content and gameplay, we will see how long it lasts………

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