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Today marks the first post in Hubby Helps history, as a 30 year old Daddy Gamer I plan to post some interesting tactics deployed to gain a few valuable moments gaming, whilst juggling a full time job, kids and wife!

Please do not think this is going to be one of those “Gamer” blogs (for one I do not have the time to keep up to date with everything!)  I will be posting about a variety of issues, like my tech support given out (yeah I am on speed dial to the mother in-law!). General family fun, days out and money saving issues. I might even go all out and give you some of my handy DIY tips!


For me gaming obviously runs through my blood, but as much as “The Mrs who blogs at Missing Sleep” doesn’t want to admit it herself, she was once a more hard core gamer than me! Quite often finding the best raiding guilds in World of Warcraft and clearing much more of the content than me! But both being gamers its quite fun to be a little competitive with Hubby Helps Vs Missing Sleep! (Yeah we all know she is beating me bad! lol)

Both the Eldest and Youngest have Nintendo DS’s now, the Eldest is still battling through Super Mario Bros but I can tell he will make a great player in years to come!  I am fairly sure it will not be long until he wants his first full console or laptop in their playroom (I can’t actually wait for this I always wanted a decked out gaming room – shame it will not be mine!!) Once they both gain enough experience I am sure they will both be sitting behind an epic gaming set up!

But until then, I will have to fit in some gaming sessions when I can to ensure I don’t fall behind on the skill level front! I often wonder how they would get on with some of the games I was brought up on, I am sure they would laugh off some of the pixel graphics!

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