Three times you might need a lawyer


There are occasions that you will need a lawyer. For me this has been mainly for property transactions.  However there can be a number of reasons you may need to consult the professions.

Buying Property

I have a commercial and residential property. Both times I have relied on the legal advice of my lawyer. This actually saved me money in the long run with my commercial property purchase. When choosing your representation it is important you do some ground work, in order to identify the best in the field. Property transactions can appear to be fairly simple and safe at the outset, however that can soon change if paperwork is incomplete or incorrectly filed.  Leading to long delays that might mean you lose out on the property you wanted.

Wrongly Accused

Perhaps I have watched too much Making a Murderer on Netflix. But it does happen, if you are wrongly accused of a crime you’ll need an experienced criminal lawyer in order to assist you in your hour of need. One thing to remember is not to panic. Make sure your lawyer is with you at every meeting, their advice will be very well thought out. If you have been convicted you still have a chance to get exonerated. Your professional lawyer will review the whole case file and help prove your innocence.



Disputes can come in many different forms, from business, motoring to purchasing. I recently had an issue with a well known voucher site.  They refused to refund a voucher which was not working. Luckily I simply had to quote them the law and they refunded the amount straight away. Unfortunately it is not always that simple to fix a dispute. Having a lawyer lay out all the facts can be the most efficient way to get a mutual resolution.

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