Top Tips to Rejuvenate Tired Rooms in your House

We have seen quite a lot of progress with our house renovation. Over the last twelve months we have completed the master bedroom and en-suite. Also one of my boys rooms completely and finally had to take a step backwards and replace my eldest son’s ceiling! With all this going on it is hard to keep up with everything!

Some of the initial rooms we completed now seem a little lacklustre. I’m not sure if this is because we tried to rush them to get some quality back in our life. After all we were sharing one room in the beginning! Or if it’s because it actually has been five years since we started.

If you are finding the same in your house here are my top tips to rejuvenate your tired rooms!


I never see a painting project as a particularly laborious job (please do not alert my wife!).  I tend to listen to some music or take the opportunity to catch up on some Netflix while I paint. So to refresh a room this is the obvious starting point for me. Ensuring you are doing a quality job I find using builder caulk where the walls meet each other and the ceilings can improve the paint job. Don’t forget to fill any other holes with some polyfiller as well. Once dry simply sand down and start coating your walls. I find that cutting in around one wall, then rolling works best here. The overall job is much easier as you tend to only have to cut in once and roller twice. Just make sure you use a known brand paint. As for brushes etc – I tend to just use the cheapest!


If you didn’t fancy painting you can be creative about covering damage to the paintwork with art instead!  It can be such a great way to lift and freshen a room and adds a splash of colour. I have found Posterlounge being my company of choice here. They have a great selection of posters and pictures that you can customise onto different materials from canvas to acrylic glass! I am currently looking to refresh the dining room with some fantastic wall art. The dining room is the main hub of our house, but it is also the most neglected! Adding some bright art will breathe some life back into the drab area!

Here are the pictures I have selected:

I like the way they all fit together bringing a common theme that will be replicated throughout the dining room. Posterlounge have offered a £50 voucher to one of my lucky readers. Please enter via the gleam below! Ends 5th April 2019! While I wait for the paint to dry in the dining room I have styled them into my living room, something that may actually now be staying put!

Teal sofa with pictures above


Once you have sorted your walls out. The other quick area to look at is the furnishings. Since we have been renovating we have really neglected those little extra things to complete a room. But I can safely say we are on our way to improvement! In our living room for example, we have additional cushions, a lovely rug (our wood flooring is particularly cold!) and a couple of lovely lamps. To add to the effect of the room we have numerous candles, all housed in different ways from lanterns to tea light holders!

It really doesn’t have to take you much time or money to get your house sparkling with life again!

£50 Posterlounge Voucher!

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