Making a Romantic Marriage Proposal


I can still clearly remember the day I asked my father in-law permission for my wife’s hand in marriage. To be fair it was a nerve racking experience! Only being the second time I met him and all. Of course he went on to say yes, but I think it is a very respectful way to start on the right foot. When I decided it was time to ask the question, I did it in the UK. But part of me regrets I didn’t go the whole hog and whisk her away abroad. Instead we took a romantic stroll in the countryside ending with me on one knee.

If I had the chance to go back and do it again I think I would have opted for a location with a little more romance:


I have always wanted to go to Australia. When it comes to romance, the Sydney Opera Hall as a back drop really does set the mood. You can even be quite spontaneous and search for engagement rings Sydney to find your perfect engagement ring. So if the city captures your heart and you can drum up the courage there would be no stopping you!


This is my wife’s number one on the list to go. Having had that knowledge from the very start of our relationship, surely this would have been the ideal location? It is just a quick hop on a plane, and the city is full of wonder and romance. Making a proposal at the Colosseum would seem a natural choice. Although it could be a little busy there at peak times!


The classic! The old romantic! Surely this one is top of list. How could you fail to impress your other half then going on one knee on the Eiffel Tower! A truly perfect film worthy proposal!


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