What is commercial litigation?

Commercial Litigation

Running a business can be a tricky venture. You are always balancing customer expectation, employees satisfaction and finances. It not surprising that with all these things going on that at some point in time you will have a dispute arise out of the blue. Its important to ensure you take appropriate steps in order to safeguard the functioning of the business.

Understand the dispute

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From the out set it is paramount that you understand the dispute at hand. You need to be able to locate key contracts, create a timeline the events and double check any insurance policies that may cover aspects of the dispute.

In some cases it can be worth while getting advice from the out set. Using a well known local firm should give you some certainty on your position. Searching Newcastle Lawyers will give you a starting point for potential representation.

This should enable you to see the whole picture and put a different perspective on the issue. Highlighting the key factors and attempting an in house resolutions should keep costs down and lead to a productive solution.

Cost / Benefit

One key aspect you should be thinking about is the cost of raising an issue against the benefit. Sure you may well be aggrieved about an agreement, however it can be costly to chase down the legal route. Financial cost aside, deputes can also be costly on working relationships. So you always want to conclude investigations and negotiations as soon as possible.

Up to this point in time I have been quite fortunate to not having to take the legal route. I have been able to negotiate at local levels to ensure contracts have been adhered to. However, you may find this does take your time up where as sticking by the law you can set some hard and fast time frames. One thing I have pick up over the years is to always ensure you have agreements in writing. No matter how small.

If I was to be uncertain I could win a dispute there would be no doubt I would seek advice from the professionals!

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