Should you use a Conveyancer Or Solicitor?


When we purchased our house, we used our local Solicitor, and didn’t really give it much thought to it. However, when I bought a commercial premises I used a Conveyancer. In truth at that point I didn’t really give it much thought either.

However, in hind sight perhaps I should have.Along with costs I found that knowledge is another key difference between the too. As I am always wanting to ensure I am slick with my finances I will summarise my experiences and which I will use in future purchasing plans.

Private House

If or when I decided to sell up and purchase a new house, I will ensure to use a Conveyancer. They have great knowledge in this sector and can save both time and money. On my first house purchase the solicitor seemed to drag their heels. My plan will now be picking a conveyancer in advance so I can get them prepped and ready for action. If you planning a purchase why not visit ConveyOnline to get the ball rolling! We are still renovating our current house so I might be some time until I need to use the service!

Commercial Property

I am always on the hunt for another Commercial property investment! For these types of purchases I now prefer to use a Solicitor as in my experience I have had to fall back on there in depth knowledge of other external factors on purchasing. Not just the bare bones of the sale and transfer. Having to utilise a Solicitor in my last purchase although it took much longer for the transfer to go through (which was not the fault of my solicitor). The professional advice I needed was on hand and ultimately got the job completed, while safeguarding my interests. They also managed to get me some compensation from my lenders for the additional legal fees involved!

So it really does depend on what you are purchasing to which option you pick. You may well like me decide to change once you have experienced the process and what is involved.


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