Minimizing Germs at a Doctors Practice

I work full time as a Practice Manager at a doctor’s surgery.  As a side to that I also have a stake in the property.  Consequently, I always like to look out for new ways to upgrade the building that will last.  The reception area and consulting rooms could do with new flooring.  We have a lot of foot traffic and naturally germs!  So, I want something easy to maintain, hard wearing and most importantly hygienic.

We already do our best to stop the spread of germs.  We have hand sanitizes and have removed the toys and books from the waiting room.  I feel a bit sorry for the kids who might miss the entertainment.  But it’s a big step towards stopping the spread of germs.  Plus, all my staff have the flu vaccine.

Now I think it is time to look at other ways to continue with the good work we have started.

Specialist Flooring

I have been looking at Ecoflor Epoxy Flooring because they deal in specialist flooring for industrial workplaces and commercial properties.  I am quite interested in the epoxy quartz screed option as its more decorative.  I think our patients like something that is visually appealing.  But for me the biggest plus point is that its hygienic.  It is important for me to try and prevent germs at the doctors.

Encouraging Good Practice

If patients cough or sneeze, they should be encouraged to cover their mouth with the inside of their elbow rather than their hands.  I think this will take some getting used too, as most of us automatically use our hands.  However, at the end of the day it will stop the spread of germs from people who would touch surfaces and door handles with hands covered in germs!

Let Children Bring Toys From Home

Apparently soft toys can hold viruses and bacteria for hours after they have been played with.  So, if you have toys in your practise please consider getting rid of them.  Instead let parents know they are welcome to bring something from home to amuse their children.

Consider a Short Sleeve Policy

Research has shown that short sleeves can be more hygienic.  I seem to automatically roll up my sleeves but now I might encourage my doctors to do the same.  I will do some more research before contemplating a “bare below the elbow” policy.

Hopefully these tips will help doctor surgeries be a safer place to visit!

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