What to think about when hiring a skip

Builders with a skip

When you complete a project on the scale we have you end of needing to hire a skip or two!  I really should have added a section on waste removal in my earlier post about successful renovations.  Let’s be honest builder’s waste is a big part of any renovation!

There are some important things to think about as it can get expensive getting rid of renovation waste!  We have learnt the hard way, so I wanted to share my advice with you guys.  Hopefully to save you making the same costly mistakes.

How Big Does the Skip Need to be?

You need to think carefully about what size you will need!  Otherwise you might end up being like us and hiring one moderate sized skip after another!  It got quite silly at the end, we were on first name terms with the company!  We should have just hired a VERY big skip that could have accommodated everything!  So always aim for a big dumpster as you will surprise yourself and end up filling it!

Choose a Reputable Company

Eagle Dumpster Rental make sure waste is properly disposed of.  I felt so awful as we read in the paper about one dumpster company we had used getting into trouble for illegally dumping waste!  You do feel so guilty then and realise how important it is to pick a company that has a good ethos when it comes to waste disposal.

How to Fill it Correctly?

You want to maximise space in a dumpster.  Don’t throw the builders waste in any old way, plan how best to stack everything!  It’s a bit of a fine art getting it right but once you master the technique you can cram so much more into the skip.  I noticed the builder was quite strategic with his waste, using the old doors or window frames on the sides to give himself a bit more height to stack with.  The skip was collected without issue, so it must be an acceptable method!

Type of Skip

Check with the company you plan on using what items they don’t take away before booking them.  You don’t want to hire a skip for a house renovation only to find they won’t get rid of bricks or rubble!

There might seem a lot to think about but if you do your research its easy enough to get the right dumpster for the job!

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