There is always time to celebrate World Chocolate Day!

World Chocolate Day

You may or may not have picked up on the fact that I am a chocoholic! So it is no surprise that I am keen to celebrate World Chocolate Day. For me, I cannot commit to just the one day however. Perhaps we should make it at least a months worth of celebrating? Well I am certain I could fill it with plenty of chocolate eating especially with some of the lovely suggestions below.

If like me you are a true chocoholic, I have pieced together some of the ways you could celebrate the occasion in style:

Full Day Chocolate Cookery Class at R & M Fine Chocolate

Learning some of the tricks of the trade a full day chocolate making will see you nibble your way through plenty of sweet treats.  You also have the chance to make some of your own unique chocolates. This is a must for anyone who loves all things chocolate! Currently this memorable experience will set you back £98 on Buyagift.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea for Two at Hilton London Green Park Hotel

Wanting to head back to London to do some more touristy adventuring. My new love for afternoon tea coupled with our chocolate passion would give me the excuse to visit Green Park Hotel for their chocolate afternoon tea. Comprising of all you would traditionally expect from an afternoon tea but with an additional chocolate twist. Reasonably priced at £49 for two, so there is no excuse for me not to book!

Hotel Chocolat’s Children’s Chocolate Workshop for Two

Of course I better not forget the kids. They have definitely inherited our love for chocolate. What would be better than to take them to a Chocolate workshop. Once there they receive a welcome drink while having an introduction. Then they are off on a decorating session, creating a mouthwatering sensation under the guidance of an expert. Currently costing £40 for two.

For me it is all about the experiences (not to mention the chocolate!)

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