The Teenage Years: What You Might Need To Prepare For


You may think that the hard part of parenting is those newborn days. The crying, the scheduled feeding, the being awake all of hours of the night. Surviving is the only way to describe that period of your life, and you do what you can. But, as children get older, they are supposed to get easier, right? You might be mistaken there. While I still have young children, I guess right now things are good. They are the centre of our home and world, and they seem like mini buddies. They listen, most of the time, and they still do as their told, to some degree. But, the teenage years are looming, and this is when things get a little difficult once more, I imagine. I wanted to share some of the things I think we, as parents, are going to need to prepare for when it comes to having teenagers.

The attitude

If you think there is attitude in the house now, it is possibly only going to get even worse as a child gets older. They become clever, they know more things about the world than perhaps we did at their age, and so the attitude is going to be rife. It might be difficult at first, but the best advice would be to think back to how you were at that age. How you felt, the raging hormones. It’s a phase, it will pass, I hope.

Locking themselves in their bedrooms

Children love spending time with their parents, they want to be in your company all of the time, and while sometimes you used to hope they would go to bed earlier so you’d get adult time, or just leave you alone for that five minutes so you can do something, it is likely all going to change once they become a teenager. They will spend much more time in their rooms, on their own, nursing their hobbies or in this day and age, with their head in a phone or on some sort of tech. Savour the days the children want to be with you before it all changes.

Learning to drive

A scary, yet practical change when it comes to the teenage years is their ability to do what would seem very adult things to do, and one of them is learning to drive. Some will have a huge desire to do it, others might not. But once they pass you get the relevant Young Driver Insurance in place, think about how you can take advantage. As a parent you will have done countless picking up and dropping off, it’s now their turn to pay you back.


Love. It is an amazing thing. But for a teenager navigating the world of school and life in general, love is going to be a confusing time for them. Hormones raging, not sure what they want or feel, it is a confusing time. I guess we’ll just have to be aware that love in some from is an inevitable part of growing up. And so is the heartache that might come with it.

They may follow various trends, they may worry you at times, but it is just another part of the rollercoaster of parenting, but as much as the teenage years may be hard, you soon realise it is all worth it in the end. We hope.

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