How to: Rekindle your romance


To be fair there was a lot of romance at the beginning of our relationship, just like many of you out there! Our relationship progressed very swiftly within six months we were married. Twelve months we had our first child, followed by twenty-two months later with our second. After all of this, some eleven years on we are still truly in love. However with less time to spend on each other the romance can fade.

So how can you keep your romance levels at an all new high and keep your relationship blossoming?

Weekend Breaks

We have rarely had any weekend breaks over the years. We did go away for a two night Supernatural Convention where we met a few of the cast members. But that was cut short as one of the in-laws became unwell and as the boys were still under five we had to make a swift exit. More recently now the boys have grown up we had a fantastic chance to have an ultimate time together package from BuyAGift worth £129.99. There are hundreds of possibilities to choose from.  We decided on the four star Stradley Park Hotel & Spa in Llanelli. Included in the one night stay was a Double Room, Dinner and a cooked breakfast.

Double room

I was very impressed at the service level given and as I was completely new to the voucher system I was a little apprehensive about how it all worked. For example at dinner we where unsure on what we could order.  The waitress advised us that we had a total voucher spend of £54.90 on the meal.  This made the cost of the £129.99 voucher an amazing deal really!  Breakfast was very civilised, with free roaming on the cooked breakfast buffet along with fresh fruit and yogurt. It really catered well for everyone.  I think I will be heavily hinting at my mum to buy an experience voucher for my Christmas present from now on, so the wife and me have something to look forward to later in the year!

Having this night away meant we truly recharged our batteries. No mediating between the two boys, just quiet relaxing in each other company. It really is amazing how refreshed we both felt! We both returned home to beg the in-laws for another romantic night to be booked in the calendar!

Step out of routine

You do not have to go away to step out of the routine. Many of us book time off work around the kids and their school holidays. I have recently took the odd day off when they are at school. The benefit of being able to take my wife out for the day means more time and space for us to catch up (and catch our breath on parenting!).  The only draw back here is we seem to have become addicted to afternoon tea!

It’s the small things

Sometimes it can be the small things that can keep your romance levels high. For me after a long day, I will run my wife a bath. Then light a load of candles in the front room and pick a romcom for a Netflix and chill session!

So if your life together had become slightly stagnant why not give these tips a shot!  Make a fuss of the one you love they deserve it!

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