Personalised Gifts That Aren’t Naff

Buying gifts can be tough. It seems to get harder as we get older and our friends and family have got a little more money to buy themselves the things that they really want. Now so many people stream TV shows and films and download books to eReaders, you don’t even have the good old DVD or book to fall back out. Personalised gifts are always a good fall back. But, they can be a little, well, naff. We’ve all had a personalised mug sit at the back of a cupboard, and a personalised gift often says, “I couldn’t think of anything else.” But, it doesn’t have to. Personalised gifts can be fun, trendy and incredibly thoughtful. Let’s take a look at some fantastic options.

Number Plates

If you are buying for someone with a car or a teen that’s taking lessons, then a set of personalised number plates from Platinum Plates could be the perfect option. Personalised plates can be personal in an obvious way, showing a name or nickname. Or, it can be something a little subtler, perhaps an in-joke or reference that other people might not get. There are countless options when it comes to plates, so take your time and see what you can get that your giftee might enjoy.

A Business Name

As we see with number plates, personalised doesn’t need to be a name. If you are buying for someone with a business or even a blog, why not get their business name printing on something that they’d use for work, such as a printed presentation folder, or perhaps stationery or home accessories. This can be a really exciting gift, especially if their business is new and they don’t already have anything printed.

Soft Toys

Companies like Trootoys can turn your children’s artwork into stuffed toys and animals. This can be a fantastic gift for your child, who will love nothing more than seeing their creations come to life. Or for grandparents and other relatives who love absolutely everything that the kids make for them.


Jewellery is another option that can be as subtle or as obvious as you want. If your loved one likes large, statement pieces, then they might love a name pendant or similar. Someone with more classic taste might prefer a small engraving on the back of a bangle or ring. Either way, jewellery is always a wonderful gift that makes people happy.

A Puzzle

Personalised jigsaws and inset boards can be a lovely gift for young children. It gives them something to play with that’s special to them. Older kids and adults might also enjoy personalised puzzles. Perhaps photograph jigsaws or personalised crosswords, with meaningful clues and answers.

A Star

What’s more glamorous than a star named after you? Naming a star is relatively inexpensive, and your loved one will get a certificate and a star chart to help them find their namesake.


Small, custom-made dolls are cute for all ages. Especially if you have a whole family made to represent all of you, and add to it as your family grows.

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