Last Minute DIY Photography Equipment


In the most part, when you take photos you are going to be able to plan in what you are taking a photo of and when you are going to take it. This means that you can sort out what equipment you are going to need and make sure that you carry it around with you.  

Whilst this is true in the most part, there are also those times when a photo is sprung on you, that you come across without any planning. If you don’t have the right equipment this could have an impact on the photo that you are going to take.  

With this in mind we have put together what items should make up your last minute DIY photography equipment set, ready so that you have the ideal emergency kit to grab just when you need it.  


You always hope that the light is going to be good when you take a photo, however, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you have to just work with the splotchy or low level light. But that doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. A great emergency item to carry around with you for lighting issue is a reflector. There are those that offer a 5 in 1 design, which will cover all the possible lighting issues that you could come across. They are also designed to be collapsible, which will allow you to easily collapse and carry them around, even if you only have a small bag.  

Lens Cleaner 

In the most part a lens will be easy enough to clean with a simple cloth (which means that you need to have one of these in your bag) however there are going to be times when it needs a little more than just a wipe down. One great last minute item to have in your bag is a lens cleaner foil packet. These are designed for lenses and in the most part come with a pre-moistened wipe for cleaning along with a dry one to finish off.  

Table Top Tripod  

When you think of a tripod you are likely to think about those larger pieces of equipment that you use for capturing photos. However, there are also smaller versions that you can simply carry around in your bag. These can be placed on a table top or even held against your chest if you need it to be a little more portable, this will keep your camera steady and will ensure that you can take the best image possible.  

Shower Caps 

We haven’t gone mad, although we are sure that the idea of carrying around a shower cap in your camera bag is a strange idea. Shower caps are ideal for covering a camera when it is raining or for covering a lens if you are battling fog or dust. This means that they are a low cost addition to any kit bag.  

Bin Bags 

We have already covered the fact that reflectors are a must have for a lighting emergency. However, if you want a low cost addition to your kit bag then you may be surprised to learn that a bin bag could be the ideal choice. A white bin bag will diffuse light around, and a black one will block out the light as you need.  

You should never have to worry that a photo is going to be ruined because you don’t have the right equipment with you, not if you think about the things that you can carry around to make sure that you can take the very best picture possible.  

Whilst you may have all the equipment that you need to take the perfect photo, you need to make sure that you brush up on all the key skills that will help you to take the best image possible. One of the best places to start is with NCC’s photography courses online, they not only give you everything that you need to know in order to take amazing photos, but they also will help you to know more about photography as a whole. 

Best of all, if you study online, then you can make sure that you do it alongside the other things that you need to do in your life.  

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