Emergency Fathers Day Gift Guide

We the year has well and truly flown by. I cannot believe we have been back from Florida nearly three weeks! Fathers Day seems to have crept up on us again this year. I really needed more time to lay some hints down for the boys!

So here is my emergency, I forgot its Fathers Day gift guide!

Gift Cards

Fathers Day


It’s always a safe bet to keep a supply of greeting cards for any occasions, for those just in case moments, luckily Hallmark have a great selection to choose from. This years fathers day offering are simply fantastic, the one we have picked out for my father in-law has funny moveable eye brows! With the content completely on point with his love for beer!

Itty Bittys

Itty Bitty

Having given the boys their fair share of these awesome characters, I think it is about time I have some to keep as lucky charms on my gaming desk to be! My absolute favourite range is the Marvel one! I would really love to see Groot at the foot of my monitor as I pass my time gaming (often with the boys!) RRP from around £9.99.

PNY Hook 3.0

PNY Hook

I have been struggling for storage on my laptop and need a quick fix to hold a multitude of photos that I keep stored there. So, I have been checking out the robust PNY Hook 3.0 64GB USB key fob. With this key fob it not only looks sleek and can securely attach to just about anything. This will make it a lot easier to show people our holiday snaps and share my many work files! It has a really fast transfer speed too, so cleaning up my laptop hard drive should be a breeze! RRP £35.99.

QI Wireless Mobile Charger

In our house we are always fighting over chargers! So this year I am hoping to try a wireless option. The QI wireless mobile charger swiftly charges your phone using induction interaction. This charger is compatible with a wide range of devices. My plan is to keep this in my office just for me! Perhaps using it on long car journeys to keep the phones well topped up after the kids have used them to play one or two games! RRP £67.49.

Find Me A Gift

I really love this website to hunt for some fun (and sometimes edible) gifts. This year I am firmly laying hints down for a massive 12” chocolate pizza, it needs to be big of course to share it around! (RRP £19.99) And to satisfy my gaming needs, why not step back to where it all started for me and check out the retro TV games. Packed with 200 classic and pixelated games! Enough to keep me entertained for the who day (and some!) With a RRP of £9.99 it’s a real bargain too!

Nextbase 312GW Dashcam

So as most of you already know I have the Nextbase 512GW as reviewed here:


I am still conscious though that I should have rear protection too! Currently the Nextbase 312GW Dashcam is on special offer for Fathers Day at £79.00. At less than half the cost of the 512GW it really is a contender as your main Dashcam. Boasting a full HD video capture with its six element sharpe lens ensures a crisp video. Having inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you to download on the go to ensure you can hand your records over to your insurers (or share socially!)

Whatever you get your father this year I am sure will pale in comparison to spending some time together!

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