How to: Get your family garden summer ready

Garden Toys

Freshly back from our holiday to Florida, the sun has followed us. It is clearly time we need to get our garden summer ready!

For me that means I need to jump into action!


Since I have been gone just over two weeks, everywhere needs attention. So first on the list, our bushes and lawns. Prior to starting the job, it is important you know where you are going to put all the cuttings. For some that will either be put for compost or utilising the local bin collection service. However, if like me it means a trip to the dump. Make sure you have plenty of sturdy bags to hold the clippings in. You want to ensure you don’t make a mess in your car!

Garden Toys and Vehicles

We generally the kids use all their garden toys all year round, but I take the opportunity to check for any maintenance they may need. Replacing anything that is needed. One thing on the list for me this year is to invest in a garden shed, as the boys currently inhabit a whole room to store there garden things in (which can cause quite a fuss when getting them all out!) I am currently checking out the range of cheap sheds at GBC Group, so I can get this project off the ground!

Swimming Pool

Last year we invested in a massive swimming pool. It took quite a bit of maintenance, so I am keen to get it up and prepped for this warm season. it is time for me to order the chemicals to keep it clean for the next few months. Luckily we do have a filter pump which helps to cycle the water too. I know the boys would have like to have more time in the pool last year but keeping the water to the correct level seems to be an art form in itself!

Once I have all these done I can sit back and relax (maybe with some Pimm’s), while both boys tire themselves out!

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