Ideas For Our Garden

Our garden is quite big but also quite basic, it’s mainly an expanse of tarmac with a couple of trees dotted around the sides. I guess the previous occupants thought it would maximise car parking space with so much tarmac and be low maintenance. You see our house used to be a business before we began transforming it into our family home. We saw potential in the place because of the size but really it still needs so much doing. The previous owners did the bare minimum in the time they had the property and outdoor space.

I have written before about adding style to your garden but have yet to follow the principles myself. I guess it was a functional space for the kids to go out on their bikes and go kart so we didn’t rush getting started. But if I am honest it’s a bit dull out there, the wife is nagging me for more greenery and she would love it if we had an outdoor fountain. I have been looking at Outdoor Fountain Pros to see how much it would cost.

I think it would be a bit of a focal point for the garden, we could entertain near the fountain and appreciate the soothing sounds of the running water. Many people choose to install a fountain because its great at covering the sound of traffic, we live close to a farm so we have sheep to contend with too, they are always baahing away quite loudly!
Garden raindrop
Fountains are ideal for nature too, birds can enjoy the cooling water and insects too, I like encouraging wildlife to the garden its one way to improve a garden for the whole family.
Garden insects
I think I am coming around to the wife’s way of thinking. There does seem to be a lot of benefits to investing in a water feature for the garden. I would prefer a fountain to a pond anyway, I think it would be safer when we have younger children visit.

Flowing water purifies air so it would be better for our health and well-being getting a fountain after all. We live such busy lives I think it’s a good idea to take that time to sit back and just relax (maybe with a cold beer!) and unwind by your outdoor fountain. I have a feeling the dog will like it just as much, she will have a water source to drink from when playing outside. Win Win for all the family.

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