5 Ways Husbands Can Support Their Pregnant Wives

The society we live in tends to define specific roles to be played by either sex when it comes to married couples. This, at times makes men feel a bit intimidated when asked to roll up their sleeves and assist their wives in particular roles. Whereas it’s so easy to subscribe to this norm and dance to the tune of community restrictions, there comes a time when a man has to go against the grain and help his wife. One of these times is during pregnancy. A man’s role in pregnancy doesn’t just end at conception. Below are five ways through which husbands can support their pregnant wives.

Meal Preparation

When a woman is pregnant, she tends to eat smaller meals more often. It is worth noting that at this stage, her body feels different to usual as the little baby grows within her and so it may be harder for her to perform the usual tasks. By helping his wife with meal preparation, she will feel supported and appreciative.

Accompanying Her to the Hospital

During the pregnancy, the mother-to-be is required to visit the hospital for antenatal checkups. It is true that during this period, women tend to be so over excited that at times, they may not remember every recommendation made by the doctor. If the husband accompanies his wife, the chances are he will stay attentive throughout and help the wife fully implement the doctor’s recommendations. Moreover, when a husband accompanies his wife to a healthcare facility, their bond is enhanced.

Helping with Morning Sickness

A high percentage of pregnant women experience morning sickness. This is normally characterized by regular headaches, nausea, vomiting, and excessive sleep. A husband should therefore ensure that his wife gets ample time to rest and receives the right medication as prescribed by the doctor. Also, preparing healthy snacks for his wife can help with alleviating morning sickness.

Handling Her with Care

Pregnancy brings with itself a blend of excitement and mood swings. In one moment, the mother-to-be feels like being close to the husband, and in another moment, her mood changes completely. Sometimes an expectant woman will overreact to the smallest details. This happens due to hormonal changes and thus as a man you should be understanding and support her at all times. Hormone changes and extra weight can be tough to cope with and thus you should understand when your wife is working slower than usual. You can learn more about these pregnancy changes at Preg Med.

Buy Surprise Pregnancy Gifts

Every woman loves a gift and pregnancy elevates this norm to a higher level. The husband should, therefore, make it a habit to give some occasional pregnancy gifts. This could be anything from tiny clothes for the baby to some chocolate for his wife.

When pregnancy occurs, it becomes an added responsibility for both the man and the woman. The man of the house should take it upon himself to ensure that the conceived fetus is carried to birth in a happy home.

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