Updating your kitchen without spending a fortune

Investing in a new kitchen is an expensive outlay.  You can just give it a bit of an update and spend considerably less.  This is worthwhile doing if you’re thinking of selling.  An appealing kitchen will help a house sell much faster and add to its value, as it’s apparently the most important room in the house.  We want to order a new kitchen but currently don’t have the money for such a big renovation.  We have done our best to improve our kitchen in smaller inexpensive ways.

Tidy Up

The problem many of us have is covering our worktops in clutter.  Try and free it up.  Store items out of sight in the kitchen cupboards.  Decluttering costs nothing and can make a big difference.  You want visitors to see just how much space there really is.  We have so much worktop space but don’t really do it justice.  Too many food products are out all the time, things that could just as easily stay in the cupboards, but we get into the bad habit of not putting things away.

New Kitchen Doors

Investing in replacement kitchen doors is a cheap way to refresh your kitchen.  Having a whole new kitchen is very costly and involves a lot of upheaval too.  New kitchen doors from a company like Kitchen Warehouse can be installed quite quickly so you don’t have to live on takeaways for weeks until the kitchen is finished!!!  Alternatively, you could consider painting the doors, my wife tried this once but the less said about it the better.

Repaint the Walls

Kitchen walls soon look tired, so a lick of paint can improve things no end.  Try using a degreasing cleaner first if the walls are sticky with food and grease.  Go for neutral colours that help the room appear bigger and more inviting.  Off-white so its not too cold is a great choice or a soothing light green or blue colour.

Think about the Splashback

My aunty just had a new kitchen installed and she had an image of two glasses of wine as a splashback.  It added so much personality to the kitchen.  Rather than focus on the cabinetry getting a new splashback can be quite affordable.  They are so much easier to clean than tiles too, so your kitchen will look fresher and more hygienic.

Replace your Handles

This is another relatively small expense compared to ripping out the kitchen cupboards and starting all over again!  You can add a lot of style with a little thought regarding the best handle choice for your kitchen.

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