Five Modifications that Can Make Your Car Illegal to Drive


We all know that cars need to be checked regularly by mechanics to be road legal, and allowed on the highways. However, we sometimes get carried away with the modification project, and do things to our car that make them illegal to drive. Below you will find a few tips on how to make sure the modifications will not impact your insurance, tax, or your car’s road worthiness. While personalizing your car is a great way of expressing your personality, it can also cost you a few points. Proceed with caution, and follow the below tips.

Tinted Windows

While you can get your tinted car windows installed, you will need to check the local law and regulations. The tinting should allow a certain percentage of the light come through, otherwise, next time you are meeting a patrol car you will be surprised to receive a fine. You should only get the work carried out by an insured professional who is aware of the current legislation, or you might be wasting money.

Noisy Exhausts


While large chrome exhausts look great on cars, they can also be noisy. If you are not checking the rules, you might end up with a spot fine next time you encounter a policeman. Talk to your local government agency to check the noise level limits before embarking on this car modification project. Large exhausts are great on racing cars, but it is unlikely you will need them on the city roads, anyway.

Neon Lights

If you are a fan of car programs on the TV, you might be thinking that your vehicle would look great with neon lights. In some part of the world, however, these are considered illegal. Indeed, several accidents are caused by lights blinding drivers traveling the opposite direction at night. You shouldn’t risk your own safety or other drivers’, and make sure that you are adjusting your headlights in a way that they don’t impact visibility.

Number Plates

You can get legal number plates, but there are some companies that don’t comply with the regulations and standards, and make you pay a fortune for something that makes your car illegal to drive. You should search for a reliable firm, such as The Private Plate Company to supply and fit your personalized number plates, and give you the documentation you need, otherwise you could end up losing your vehicle.

Illegal Body Kits

Body kits are great ways of personalizing your car, but not all of them are good for everyday use. A bigger bumper, for example, can look great on your car, but can compromise its balance and safety. You should make sure that the bumpers and body kits are safe to use on your car before you spend a penny.

Modifying your car and following the lead of TV program presenters can cost you a lot of money, if you don’t check the regulations. Always use a registered body specialist and check with manufacturers and insurance companies before you start your project.

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