Kitchen updates on a budget


Don’t have too much money to spend? Want to refinish your dated kitchen? You have options. Although in most cases the kitchen/bathroom are the costliest rooms to remodel in a home, taking the right approach and knowing what jobs to do (and forego), will allow you to save on the costs of remodeling. Consider a few of these tips before you start.

Do some work yourself 

You can do a few projects yourself. Some painting work, resurfacing the cabinets, installing new knobs and other small jobs are easy to perform and don’t require much know-how. You can do these in a matter of hours and it will only cost you a few pounds to purchase the supplies, no need to hire costly labour to do the work for you.  

Upgrade the cupboards

Resurface, refinish and repainting your cupboards are easy ways of making your kitchen look more modern without spending the money. There are many ways you can revamp those dated cupboards and give your kitchen new life in a matter of hours. You can even find how-to guides online and video-tutorials which are going to walk you through the process of getting this done. If you are thinking of updating your kitchen cupboard doors then this should not be too expensive. You could even get a local handyman to fit the doors for you. Fitting the new kitchen doors will not take to long which means it wont cost a lot to hire the tradesmen.

Go with appliances

If you have to choose what you are going to upgrade, go with the appliances first. This is not only going to increase the resale value of the home it is also going to give the kitchen that fresh, new look and feel it desperately needs.  

Go with tradespeople

Rather than hire contractors or major companies that remodel, look for local tradespeople. They are just as qualified, experienced, and they are going to offer you a much lower quoted price than those big-name companies that remodel.  

You can always buy your own supplies as well. If you hire a tradesperson, ask what you need, and go out and buy the supplies. These individuals typically charge you fees to go out and buy the supplies, so you can bypass this by buying them yourself.

These are a few simple tricks any homeowner can take in order to save on the cost of remodeling. And, you can truly revolutionize the way your kitchen looks, even if you are on a tight budget, using one or all of these approaches when you’re ready to remodel. And, with simply DIY projects, you can truly add your personal touches to the work being performed in the kitchen.  

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