Fun Ways to Expand Your General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Nowadays, we seem to be encouraged to specialize when it comes to learning. In school, we have to take specialisms, entirely cutting out certain subjects in order to focus on others. By the time we enter university-level education (if this is the path we choose), we have to pick just one area to commit to for three entire years of study (or two at the most if you choose to take a joint honors degree). If you choose to head into work rather than pursuing higher education, you still have to specialize, with apprenticeships and job training whittling down your areas of interest and paying you to dedicate your working life to very specific areas of interest. But there are so many benefits that come hand in hand with a broader knowledge and wider understanding of the world. General knowledge allows you to engage with others who have different interests, boosts your confidence, and could even lead to you winning a pub quiz or television game show someday! So, here are a few fun ways to boost your general knowledge when you have a little time spare!


Quizzes are perhaps the best way to gain interesting pieces of trivia and knowledge. Not only do they bring out your competitive side, giving you a boost when you get something right, but they give you the opportunity to learn something new every time that you answer incorrectly. There are various formats of quiz out there. Some simply ask a question that requires an answer. Others will be multiple choice. There are plenty that you can try out in real life. Watch quiz shows on tv with your family and friends, playing along and learning as you go, or attend a pub quiz and incorporate the gain of knowledge into a night out. Alternatively, you can try out online quizzes. The internet is awash with them, so there are plenty of choices. Some of our favorites include The Fictional Furnishings Quiz, quizzes on world capital cities, and quizzes on book quotes.

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Another way to open your eyes to the world around you is to travel it! This is perhaps the best way to boost your understanding and knowledge of world politics, capital cities, cultural cuisine, world music, tourist hotspots, and various other pieces of general knowledge that might slip by your awareness if you never leave your hometown or the country you live in. It’s also a hands-on and fun experience, as you gain the opportunity to completely immerse yourself into the broadening of your mind and your personal awakening. So, make a list of places you’d like to visit, start saving, and actual book a trip! You’ll be brimming with worldly wisdom in no time!

These are just two fun ways to expand your general knowledge. One is close to home and can be carried out wherever you are, the second is a little more adventurous. So, choose which is best for you, or incorporate both into your life!

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