Modifications You Shouldn’t Make To Your Car

Car Modifications

Modifying your car is always something that should be done with caution. You may think that a certain modification is a great idea and that it will look amazing. However, not everyone is going to share the same opinion as you, and so you can actually end up hurting the value of your vehicle by modifying it. You may even find that it is difficult to find a seller too when the time comes to get rid of your car. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the worst aftermarket car modifications you can make.

Lowered SUVs

Firstly, we have lowered SUVs – quite possibly one of the worst modifications you can make to your car for so many reasons. Let’s state the obvious: it’s completely illogical. Why buy an SUV in the first place? It can also impact the handling of your vehicle, which is dangerous, as well as slashing the value of your car into pieces! Nice one…

Scissor doors

You can’t turn a Mazda into a Lamborghini. Scissor doors present a number of issues as well. The first concerns safety. If your car rolls over, it would be incredibly difficult for emergency workers to open the doors and attend to those who need assistance. Not only this, but scissor doors will cause the resale value of your vehicle to tumble.

Racing stripes

Racing stripes look good… on racing cars. They don’t really look great on your average family vehicle, do they? Of course, if this does appeal to you and you have your heart set on it, fair enough, but make sure you get rid of the stripes before you sell your vehicle.

Mixing and matching different car makes

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest mistakes you can make. If you have a Vauxhall vehicle, investing in Mercedes-Benz cosmetic repairs isn’t going to upgrade your vehicle; it is going to make it look a million times worse. After all, if you stick a Mercedes-Benz logo on your car, you are not going to be fooling anyone! Make sure you choose the right service and parts for the make of your car.

A massive rear wing

Last but not least, we have the massive rear wing. A lot of people seem to get tempted by this addition, and it is probably because they have been watching too much Formula 1. Although you may want to be a racing driver, doing 30 miles per hour with a huge rear wing on the back of your car doesn’t really give off the right vibe, does it? After all, if your vehicle had the kind of performance that demanded the downforce and stability of a wing, it would probably come with it begin with.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding some of the worst modifications you can make to your vehicle. The modifications mentioned above may appeal to you, but they will most certainly impact the resale value and attractiveness of your car, so you should definitely proceed with caution. Make sure you give these changes a lot of thought and that you are 100 per cent certain before proceeding.

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