Helping your children with Maths


In September my eldest starts secondary school so I want to make sure his maths is up to scratch.  I don’t want him having any gaps in his learning before progressing to the next stage in his life.  There is a lot to take in when you start at a new school, I don’t want him finding the workload unmanageable on top of everything else.  Although it can be difficult knowing where to start when it comes to helping your children with maths.

This article will hopefully point you in the right direction and help your child realise maths can be fun too!  The most important thing is to be very positive about maths, try not to be negative about the subject or that feeling could rub off on your child.


Firstly, I really must recommend Smartick.  You might remember me reviewing this back in June last year.  My boys still use this, and it really does make a difference.  It’s a good app if you don’t feel confident enough teaching your child at home.  You receive notifications about how well your child is doing and the app develops alongside your child’s abilities up to 14 years of age.

If money for a subscription is an issue, then see what sites your child’s school have signed up to.  Often you can also use them at home for free.  TT Rockstars is one example, it helps with your child’s time tables and fortunately the school lets us use it at home without charge.


Make sure you have everything you need at home for your child to complete their maths homework.  It could be handy to have graph paper when they are practising number lines, representing data and geometry.

You don’t need any fancy workbooks you can do a lot with just paper and a pencil.  However, if you have time you can search the internet for free worksheets and make something similar at the fraction of the cost.

Real Life Experiences

Math and money

Let your child learn the value of money early on.  Ideally let them help you with the shopping.  Give them coins to play with.  Trying to find real life applications for maths might help those who don’t normally enjoy the subject.  Hopefully they can start to appreciate its importance.

Improving your own Maths

It might be worthwhile doing a refresher so you’re in a better position to help your children with maths.  Especially if it’s a long time since you did your maths GCSE!


You might find your child reluctant to do additional work after school.  Try and make it as fun as possible, find puzzles they will enjoy and give them lots of praise and encouragement.  I also offer them rewards like screen time when they are finished.  Whether that’s right or wrong is up to you decide for yourself.  Just find what works for your family.

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