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My wife reviewed Smartick on her blog back in the beginning of May, you can read that review here, but I wanted to give an update on how the boys are getting on almost a month later. 

Smartick has slotted into our daily routine quite nicely and the boys seem to be getting a lot out of the app, they still look forward to their sessions and very rarely miss one (only when we were away in Spain on holiday did we have a complete break!). If anything their enthusiasm for the app seems to be growing, they are getting quite competitive too, which I think is a good thing. They like seeing how they compare to other children playing the games and completing the lessons, which drives them to continue to strive for high scores.

Youngest has said it’s helping him find his maths at school a bit easier, which is a wonderful sign that things are going well. He has never been a natural academic like his brother, he has to work a lot harder for the same results so the additional support is really paying off, I think when he comes to sit his maths exam next year he will see a huge leap in his usual grades and his next teacher will be very pleasantly surprised!!!

Since my wife reviewed the games section has now unlocked as they have progressed adequately through the program. These games are all very educational and age appropriate, I would much prefer seeing my boys playing these than some of their console games. There is a lot of variety and they are still learning whilst having fun.

Smartick is really good at keeping you informed about your child’s progress, you get an email daily to let you know their scores, how quick they were and a bit of feedback. They also tell you if your child missed a session, this is useful if you need to remind them to squeeze in their maths session. Although it’s not hard fitting Smartick into your day, as each session is bite-sized, the perfect length to keep children’s attention, whilst still seeing them advance. 

Alongside the emails you can sign in online and have a more thorough breakdown of their scores, so far eldest has been doing outstanding each time and I am very proud of his achievement. Youngest is doing great too, he has only had outstanding and then one satisfactory, and that satisfactory was partly down to him watching TV with his brother at the same time as he was meant to be doing his maths! Now we know we will make sure he sits in a quiet room so the app gets his full focus.

I have noticed the app is also making the boys kinder to one another, which is an unexpected bonus of using Smartick, sometimes they send each other a little gift using their collected coins, I really like this feature. I think it’s nice that the app fosters that type of behaviour not just being competitive.

Once our free time runs out we will definitely be carrying on with using Smartick until the boys reach the age cap of the app (14). With cuts to funding in schools its important we offer enough support at home to make sure our children continue to develop.

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