Gadget Mishaps in the home

Gadget Mishap

I always seem to fair quite well with my gadgets and how long they last.  But I am not one of those people that try and keep everything wrapped up in cotton wool. So when I had my first gadget mishap I was really quite frustrated.  It seemed to guide me down a path of destruction with me destroying a few phones and a laptop! The worst part however was the fact I didn’t have the items insured!  If your prone to gadget mishaps its worth paying heed to my advice.

So have I learned from my mistakes?

Well the first issue was simple and one that I can avoid again. I smashed my beloved Samsung phone to pieces when I decided I could balance it on the boot of the car whilst I carried a heavy box and rummaged in my pocket for the key! It plunged in slow motion to it’s untimely demise.  With no hands free I could do nothing but watch in dismay.

The second phone was another of Samsung’s finest which decided to impale itself on my keys whilst in my pocket!

And finally, I have been there lugging around everything and the kitchen sink, carrying more than I can manage.  To then loose grip on the only thing of worth in my hands, that being the laptop I rely on for work. With each bounce down the stairs my hope faded, I was lucky in the sense that I would still recover the hard drive but other than that it was a pretty gutting experience!  The lesson to be learnt is to be more careful when handling expensive technology.

Am I alone in these Gadget Mishaps?

Luckily it seems not! With Switched on Insurance conducting some research in Household Mishaps with your gadgets, it make quite an interesting read! I cannot believe that 20% if us Brits have had their pets chomp down on their tech!  Fortunately our dog Summer has shown no interest on eating tech she did go through a stage of eating shoes though!  Running quite closely is the amount of Brits that have dropped their mobile phones in the loo! Yuck!!  Lesson there not to take them into the bathroom!  Even if its the only place in the house you get some peace and quiet.

With all this in mind I really should be investing in some insurance, I have just upgraded my phone and have plans underway to get a new laptop (do not tell the Mrs!).  It could be timely to set this in place before my next mishap!

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