12 Reasons Why Pets are Good for Children


Have your children been pestering you for a pet? If so, you might be wondering whether introducing an animal into the family home is the right decision. However, you may be pleased to learn that owning a pet can be beneficial for your kids! Check out the 12 reasons why pets are good for children.

Teach Responsibility to Your Children 

Pets will require much love and attention, which is why they can be a welcome addition to the family, as they can teach responsibility to your children. Regardless of whether you buy a fish, a cat or a dog, the owners will be responsible for feeding and the care of the family pet. For example, your children will learn more about the importance of hygiene each time they clean a fish tank. 

Reduce Loneliness 

Children growing up without brothers and sisters might experience bouts of loneliness in the family home, as they will have few people to talk to or play with. Introducing a pet can, therefore, decrease the likelihood that your son or daughter will feel lonely, as they will have a new best friend to play with each day after school and during weekends. 

Multiple Health Benefits 

Do you want to encourage your children to get up off the couch and start moving in the great outdoors? If so, it might be time to give in and get them an energetic pet, such as a dog. There are numerous health benefits to owning a pet, as a child will have to regularly take their pet for a walk, run or play. It will also prevent them from becoming too absorbed in their tablet or smartphone. 

Studies have also proven that pets can potentially lower a person’s blood pressure, decrease anxiety and stress levels, and can speed up recovery time, especially for children living with autism or for those who have experienced a troubled upbringing. Therefore, pets can positively impact a child’s psychological and physical health.  

Provide Emotional Support 

Pets are non-judgmental creatures as they cannot talk back. As a result, they can provide emotional support for a child, as they might be happy to talk to their pet about how they are feeling. A child can share their deepest feelings with the dog, cat, snake or fish without expectation, which can be a comfort to a child who struggles to articulate emotions to his or her parents. 

Teach Your Child Empathy 

Do you want your child to grow up to be a sympathetic, kind individual? Welcoming a pet into the family could help your children to become better human beings, as they can teach them empathy. They will learn to identify your pet’s needs over time, such as if they need a walk, food, a bath or comfort. Teaching your child empathy is a skill many bullies often lack, so they will treat others well and will grow up to be a nicer human. 

Improve Your Child’s Social Skills 

If you are worried about your child’s speech or social skills, it could be a smart idea to introduce a new pet into the family, such as a dog, cat, fish or hamster. The presence of a pet will provide kids with a verbal stimulus, so they will practice their talking skills, as they will want to socialise with the loveable animal. Therefore, they area great way to improve a child’s cognitive language skills. 

Build a Child’s Immune System 

Children who live with a dog are reportedly less likely to experience common illnesses. A study found babies who share a home with a dog are often less vulnerable to colds or respiratory infections. That’s because dogs have different germs and bacteria, which can build up a child’s immune system as they grow, meaning they can easily fight off illnesses in comparison to children without a pet. 

Less Prone to Allergies 

Children who own pets will not only have a stronger immune system to fight off illnesses, but they will also be less prone to asthma or allergies. Studies have found the exposure to pet dander, and other allergens make children less likely to develop severe allergies in later life. So, owning a pet is an effective way to care for your child’s present and future health. 

Unconditional Love 

Pets are always happy to see family members in the home, meaning they can provide your children with unconditional love. Surrounding your child with plenty of love will boost his or her feelings of security within the home, so they will have a happy childhood they can look back on with much fondness. 

A Sense of Calm 

As mentioned, pets can provide unconditional love and emotional support to children. For this reason, they can add a sense of calm into a child’s environment, as they will feel instantly calmer by watching their fish swim in a tank or stroking their pet pooch or kitten. Similar to adults, children will turn to pets for support whenever they feel upset, sad or angry, so they can bring peace and calm to a tense environment. 

A Source of Entertainment 

The kids will never be bored if they have a pet. Whenever they are at a loose end within the home, they can simply turn to their pet for entertainment; for example, they can watch a fish swim to the top of a tank for food, or laugh as a hamster runs in a wheel. They can even take a dog for a walk, or play with their kitten in the garden.

Family Protection 

Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your family. Fortunately, pets can provide household protection, as they can alert the homeowner to a potential thief. For example, a dog might bark loudly if a trespasser enters the property. There have even been reports of parrots warning homeowners of a fire. 

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