Original Valentine Gifts

Next month its Valentines so its time to think about the most perfect presents for your loved ones.

I have picked out a few more unusual selections, because the same gift each year can get a bit repetitive and let’s be honest boring. I have done it myself, not put much thought into a gift and just gone with the safe usual ones. But my wife puts up with me day in day out, through my grumps and mood swings, my highs and lows, surely she deserves a bit more thought when it comes to what I pick out for her.

If you want to shake things up a bit this year look no further:

Rainbow Flowers

Rainbow flowers

Yes, flowers can be quite traditional, so you might well wonder why I have included them here! But not these roses that feature all the colours of the rainbow, they are nothing short of spectacular. The colours are so vivid and eye catching. My wife would be wowed by this very original gift, so much more fun than your average bunch of followers. The splashes of different colour grab your attention and make for lots of beautiful pictures on social media! If the wife gets something nice she loves to show ALL her friends. Rainbow flowers are certainly Instagram worthy.

Personalised Printed Chocolate Notes

Valentine Gifts

Chocolates another favourite go to gift, but this is a new take on it! On the ChoconChoc website you can get five white & five milk Belgian chocolate love notes with envelopesfor £25. These quirky original gifts are edible so when your recipient has enjoyed your charming messages they can savour the chocolate and the edible icing paper it’s written on! You can so look very thoughtful and caring taking the time to pen such lovely messages AND satisfy your partners sweet cravings at the same time – result! If you’re lucky they might even let you nibble on one.

Animal Encounter

My wife has a soft spot for anything cuddly so this year something like a Meerkat Experience would be ideal for her. Shop around and you can pick up some good bargains as lots of gift sites are having January sales. It’s so much more memorable than a lot of gifts.

A High-Octane Experience

Or try something completely different like tank driving or bungee jumping and get your partner out of their comfort zone and give them an experience to remember! Although it depends on your partner they might see Valentines as an excuse to be pampered so book carefully experiences like this as you don’t want the gift to receive a frosty reception (and dampen the mood for Valentine’s evening!). Some sites kindly over an exchange service so you can have it covered if they decide couple’s message or afternoon tea beats jumping out of a plane and you will get bonus points for having tried to come up with something different this year.

Fingers crossed these suggestions will take away some of the stress of Valentine gift shopping!

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