What To Do Before You Sell Your Home

Selling your home

The question whether to sell your home or not is never an easy one to answer. There are financial, sentimental and personal reasons why you decide to let go of your property. Be patient and give yourself time to mull it over with your partner and family. 

It’s possible you wake up one day and decide where you’re currently living isn’t for you. This is the first sign that it’s a topic worth debating and discussing. There are a few steps you’ll want to take before you sell your home to help make it a smoother transition. It’s best to understand what these are before you make any sudden moves. 

Confirm it’s the Right Decision 

Don’t always go with your first instinct on this one. Selling your home is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your home is where you’ve created a lot of memories and spent many of your days. If you’re married, sit down and have a serious conversation with your spouse. If you’re single, then find a trusted friend or family member who you can bounce your ideas off of. You’ll want to make sure it’s the right move before you list your home on the market. 

Find A Real Estate Agent 

Once you’re committed to moving forward, it’s a good idea to find a trusted and reputable real estate agent like Mason City Real Estate. The team offers unparalleled service to all clients in their particular real estate market. Your complete satisfaction with their service and representation is their number one priority. This is the kind of agent you want to be helping you in the process. They understand the market and what buyers want in your area.  

Fix it up 

Fix up your Home

Make sure your house is in good shape to sell. Kerb appeal matters more than ever in this case. You want to catch the attention of potential buyers who drive or walk by. You also want to make sure the inside is impressive and attractive upon entering. Spend time making fixes, cleaning and applying new paint. Your home has to be presentable and have the ability to keep a potential buyer’s attention. Remove clutter and spend time organizing your belongings, which will also help you when it comes time to move.  

Start Packing 

As soon as you decide to sell, it’s never too soon to start packing or throwing/selling furniture and/or possessions you no longer need or want. It’s a huge project, and not a task you want to leave until the last minute. Rearrange and clean to make your rooms look bigger to potential buyers. People looking to move in are going to have trouble picturing their family living in your house if your personal photos and belongings are everywhere.  


It’s no secret that there’s a lot to do before you sell your house. Use these tips to help you stay on track. There’s no need to panic if you focus on these recommended tasks, which will help you do it right the first time.  

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