Planning a redesign #DIY

This week has seen our builders back in the house. On this occasion we are getting our master bedroom completely refitted from the ground up, which in itself is a humongous undertaking. A week ago we didn’t have a ceiling in there so its looking much better already!

Now the boards are going up soon to be plastered I really have to start to form a plan for the finished room.


Paint or Paper

First things first, do we paint or paper? I have never really been keen on putting paper on the walls, I much prefer to let the house breathe. However I have started to like the look of a feature wall, one that not only had bold colours but also some texture to it. For the time being however I plan to simply paint the room in the usual magnolia tone! You can’t go wrong with magnolia even if it can get a little boring at times.


As we have asthmatics in the house we have stopped using carpets which seems to have improved their condition greatly and as I have become a dab hand at laying laminate flooring, it will have to be a must for this room. The only apprehension I have is the room is much bigger than the previous ones I have done! So I may have to draft in a helper or two in order to make the job quite timely, my youngest loves the chance to help his dad.

Wardrobe Space

Currently we are sharing a single wardrobe and it’s actually bursting at the seams. So I intend to have large Wardrobes fitted into the new room to allow some additional storage space. However I do not want the wardrobes to open out into the room, I will opt for wardrobe sliding doors, which will allow me to lay out the furniture in the room closer to the wardrobe without compromising its use.


We have never had an ensuite in any houses we have owned so this could be a real luxury for us. We have already relocated the entrance to ensure we can fit a walk in shower but we have yet to pick out the tiles or shower wall to complement the master bedroom. Either way we still have lots of work to undertake but we are excited to see it progressing.

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