Benefits of the humble cup of tea #health

cup of hot tea

To be honest it is not often I stop to think about tea. I tend to get bogged down in work and forget to take a break and have a cuppa. However, recently I have found myself getting fairly regular headaches. Which I am linking to dehydration so I must find some time to take in extra fluids.

I have however always been inclined to take my fluids in other forms from tea due to the caffeine content and my belief that taking to much caffeine causes you to become dehydrated due to the diuretic effect that it can cause.

Checking out the Tea Advisory Panel website they have some great information on the benefits of tea, utilising this data has enabled me to bust some of my own misconceptions, such as the diuretic side effects of our favourite cuppa, which in reality would only be an issue if you where to drink 5 to 8 cups at once.

So what are the main benefits?


Tea polyphenols relax your blood vessels leading to reduced blood pressure, drinking three to four cups of black tea can reduce your risk of having a cardiac event. I have a stressful job so anything that can reduce my often high blood pressure is ideal.


Doctors recommend you take in 1.5 liters of fluid a day to stop dehydration, in Britain on average 40% of all fluid intake is tea.

Teeth & Bones

It is a source of fluoride, which is great news for strengthening your teeth and bones, so fitting in 4 to 5 cups of the stuff will ensure you stay physically strong! Add milk as well and your getting even more goodness!


Some new studies have found that black tea drinkers have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, they are still researching this but have possibly linked it to the protect flavonoid antioxidants found in it.


With a cuppa containing Caffeine and L-theanine it helps to aid mental attention, meaning you can often get the most our of yourself, especially when undertaking difficult tasks.

So for me I will be unlocking the true potential of tea over the coming months, in order to get the best out of myself.

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