Household Tasks It Is Wise To Do Before Winter Arrives


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Okay, folks. Whether you like it or not, the darker, duller months are officially on their way. The evenings may still be light at the moment, and we’re still getting some lovely pockets of sunshine. But this isn’t the Caribbean (sadly), and so it can’t stay this way forever.

What this means is, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to do in and around the house in advance of this.

Each year, many people make the mistake of not doing certain household tasks until the very last minute. They do this for a number of reasons; perhaps they’re in denial about what is to coming! Or maybe they’re busy with prepping the kids for the start of a new school year.

Whatever the reason, waiting until the colder and less pleasant seasons set in is a bad idea for a few reasons. If you suddenly have an emergency breakage or issue that needs fixing, the fixers in question will likely have packed schedules. This means that you may have to join a long waiting list, or pay a premium. In fact, any service for household tasks may cost you more in the winter months, simply because there is more of a demand.

That is why you need this guide, which will pinpoint three of the most important things you need to stop putting off. Either get them fixed or protect them; you’ll be glad that you did!


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First up, your windows. Broken or just drafty windows are a nightmare for any household, for a number of reasons. Firstly, they let cold air in. This means that any heating you have in your house is being let out, and cold air is replacing it! Not good. Decide now which windows need replacing or fixing, and then book in a reputable company. Look for companies with a professional setup and positive customer reviews, like Buckwin.

Another part of your home that may need attention is your plumbing. A lack of cold water in the summer might be bearable- even pleasant. But in the colder months, it will make you totally dread taking a shower! This is another job that you should always hire the professionals for! That way, you know that it will be done both safely and effective. There is no point trying to fix it yourself, failing, and then having to hire someone anyway!


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Of course, here in the UK, it can be difficult to tell exactly when it will start to get cold. Sometimes, we can get taken by surprise. We can get snowfall as early as Autumn, for example! For this reason, once summer comes to a close, start thinking about what needs covering and protecting. You’ll likely have had things lying about and sitting about on your driveway, patio and garden. Invest in covers now, or dig them out of storage. Put them on before you need them- it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, consider things like garden furniture, but also any young plants that may not survive the cold.



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