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Once the boys have gone back to school we are aware that soon Christmas and New Year will be upon us, for me it an ideal opportunity to reflect on the fun and adventures we have had already and start to draw up travel plans for next year!

So far we have ticked off Portugal, Lanzarote and Spain. In 2018 we have a big birthday to celebrate so I think it is only fair we take in a new country and top of the list for the Mrs is Italy. At least I have a jump on the planning stages, one thing for for sure I do not intend on an all inclusive family break, some of the more recent stays have proven to be very noisy throughout the night (with corridor music being manically played between 9am and 9pm), so I intend to head over to Clickstay to find a lovely and peaceful Villa instead!

When searching a new destination there are a number of factors I like to consider prior to booking, especially as on this occasion organizing the holiday falls squarely on me so I want it to be a success.

So here are my top considerations that need to be made prior to booking:


I want to ensure the Villa in Italy is fairly close to the airport, I think there is nothing worse than a long drive to your accommodation after a flight, especially for us as its already at least a three hour drive to the airport! It is also important your not to far away from any adventures you would like to undertake.


We won a self catering holiday to Portugal once and it was a lovely experience, however as the choice was out of our hands it is important to remember when booking you get a feel of how far you need to travel to be able to get a fairly priced meal and grocery shopping. In this instance we were lucky and it was a short walk into the town.


With location still on your mind, you need to have a clear list of things you want to do while on holiday, especially if visiting somewhere new. It can be easy to just go with the flow but for us we usually like to take in as many sights as possible. Planning for Italy I intend to sneak a few ideas from my wife, but remember there are other great online sources of information where you can get a quick list of top things to do in Italy. Luckily there is a plethora of cultural and historical places to visit, I am sure the boys will love to visit the Colosseum. 


For me these are my favourite days of the holiday’s, no rushing, no early starts and no travelling. Just staying local to your accommodation. So it is important you have what you need, especially when picking a Villa, for me this means we should have a private pool. Obviously location would gazump this but in an ideal world I am sure keeping the boys entertained with a pool would ensure a perfect round up for the holiday.

With this in mind all I need to do now is pick a date to book. So what are your holiday plans for the coming year?

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