Top 5 Ways To Improve Motivational Levels Within The Workplace

In today’s competitive workplace boosting staff motivation is key to the success of your business. With recruitment and retention of talented staff being more important than ever, it’s no wonder that strategies such as taking HR courses online in order to learn essential motivational skills are becoming more popular.

If your company is struggling to persuade skilled staff to remain on board, you may need to take another look at the motivational levels within your workforce. The CIPD Employee Outlook for Spring 2017 has found that over a quarter of all employees feel that their management team are not considerate of their well-being in the workplace, and when this is paired with the 22% of workers who are dissatisfied with the opportunities provided to them at work to improve their skills, this could explain why motivation is low.

The good news is that there are several ways in which workplace motivation can be improved. Here are five top tips that will help you to get quick results.

1. Instil A Sense Of Purpose

While your management team may feel like they’re on a mission, all too often this doesn’t translate to staff. In fact, according to Glassdoor, around a third of workers have no idea whether their employer has a mission statement at all, let alone what it is. Studies have shown that workers today actively seek out employment which they deem to be meaningful and worthwhile, so sharing the aims and goals of your business, and how they fit into that overall picture can go a long way to improving motivation.

2. Feedback Goes Both Ways

Management teams are very familiar with giving feedback to their employees, however, as pointed out in the Harvard Business Review, they are less used to their workers expressing their own opinions. Staff want to feel that they are being listened to and that their views and ideas are important. If they feel that the company is listening and responding to their needs, they will, in turn, respond more positively, with higher motivation and a better standard of work.

Of course giving feedback to employees as a management team is also very important, however, it must be done in an appropriate manner. Evidence has shown that workers actively welcome and appreciate feedback as long as it is given in a positive context, however many workers report that they never receive updates on their progress from their manager, and many others report that the only feedback they ever receive is negative and critical in nature.

By only holding a single annual review, managers risk creating a communication gap between themselves and employees which holds back productivity whilst lowering employee morale. A better tactic is to put in place quarterly reviews as well as weekly informal get-togethers to raise any immediate issues and to foster a more open dialogue between all employee levels.

3. Breeding Camaraderie

Colleagues may be able to work together on a project, but if they actually all know each other well and get on, productivity levels and morale will be much higher. Putting in place strategies and activities which help to build strong bonds in your workforce will not only make the workplace a happier place to be but will also help your business to thrive.

Although many employers believe that organising the occasional social night or team building weekend is enough to forge these bonds, changing your focus to helping your employees to grow and learn together will help to create a true long term and productive relationship.

For example, you could offer free classes that allow workers to mingle and interact based on their common knowledge and interests, or create balanced teams of workers who have complementing personalities and strengths, enabling employees to learn from each other while offering each other support to build up trust and reliance.

4. Better Manager Training

Sometimes, companies have to accept that their managers may need more training to enable them to help their employees to shine. By teaching management the best ways to show empathy, build employee skills and communicate effectively, the company as a whole can receive a massive boost.

5. Make Work Fun

It’s a fact, workers are going to feel happier and motivated if work isn’t just a chore but also offers some fun times too. By implementing a free lunch scheme or subsidised gym membership, workers will feel more loyal to your firm, and by scheduling periodic outings, fun competitions or other social events, you can create a more positive and friendly working environment.

By taking a multi-pronged approach to fostering the happiness of your employees, you can create a loyal and motivated workforce who really care about your business.

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