How to winter-proof your car

Whether you use it to take the kids to school or for your daily commute, to run your family around at the weekend or to visit your relatives, it’s important to keep your car in tiptop condition. Changes in temperature, damp, colder weather and parking your car on the road rather than in the garage can all cause wear and tear on your motor. Not to mention, increasing your risk of accident if your basic maintenance isn’t kept in order. 

It’s easy to winter-proof your car, and it need not cost the earth either. Just making a few small changes will ensure that your vehicle is more than ready to run you, and your family, around during the colder months. 

Check the motor 

Remember that the engine is the most important component of your vehicle, and its crucial to keep it running smoothly. Even if you aren’t a mechanic or don’t feel comfortable completing basic car maintenance, be sure to check your oil and anti-freeze levels before setting off on a long journey. This is relatively easy to do – and you can even invest in an anti-freeze checker for a few dollars to get your started. If the idea of getting down and dirty under the bonnet sets you in a spin, why not book in for a seasonal inspection at your local dealership? Dealerships such as Toyota Dumferline provide maintenance services to get your vehicle safe for the road during the colder months. 

Check all fluid levels 

You’ve checked your motor and booked in for a inspection, but are you making an effort to keep those all-important fluid levels topped up? You can start with the obvious; windshield fluid. Make sure that you keep your windshield wash topped up, remember adverse weather conditions and wet roads will mean your car gets dustier and dirtier much quicker. A clean windshield will not only make your ride a lot easier, it will also reduce your risk of accidents in the long term, which makes it a necessity you cannot afford to ignore. 

Be prepared 

Going out and about in the winter months means you should be even more prepared for any possible eventuality that could occur during your trip. From black ice to deep snowdrifts, weather can change in an instant and it’s important to keep this in mind when winter-proofing your car. Be sure to keep a blanket, change of clothes and a torch in your boot just in case you break down and need to wait in the car until help arrives. If you live in a more rural area, it’s also worth keeping snow chains and a shovel in the boot too, just in case you need to get yourself out of deeper snow. Don’t forget to pack a thermos with hot drinks to keep your family warm and hydrated in the case of an accident. 

Just making a few small changes will mean your car is prepared for winter in no time at all!

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