Parenting Problems And Work!

Being a working dad is hard work. You’re taking two aspects of your life – work, and parenting and crushing them both together. You’ve got to be on top form, all of the time and that can be hard!

You’ve got to be the best employee ever and the best parent ever. Dads in this day and age are taking on more household responsibilities (and rightly so) yet working more hours than ever. Sometimes you’ve got to ask yourself, where’s the breaking point?

One of the most annoying factors about all of this is the sexism involved. Men are not allowed to crumble under pressure, but are being expected to do more, without any leeway being given thanks to workplace practices and corporate cultures that expect males to do it all for business. Sometimes, it can make you feel like Superman, but at other points, it can be crushingly hard.

The key is finding a balance. If you can win in the workplace and hit the home runs at home, your family are going to benefit. But you’re going to need to find the time to get away from stress to be at your best. Open and honest discussions need to take place within the family and everyone has to be on the ball. Family comes first, you see.

If your boss is a great boss, they will be open to communication – so if you are struggling – tell them! It’s not like you don’t want to help out at work, but sometimes we can be pushed so hard for little gain. Pushing yourself to find better ways of working is route one to success and if you can find ways of becoming more efficient at work, you’ll not only work better – but you won’t be as stressed out.

One thing about having a family is this – there’s likely a new kid on the way at some point. The more the merrier! Right? The truth is – parents can be treated harshly for taking time off to raise their newborns and in some cases, women might be scared at disclosing plans to raise a family during interviews in case they don’t get it. That’s one issue, but the other is parental leave in a current job. Know your rights and what you are entitled to – employees are eligable for 2 weeks off for paternity leave – and you should do your best to educate yourself on situations that will arise in case your workplace takes advantage of this.

Society and workplace cultures are not getting kinder to parents, so it’s so important that you stay on the ball and give your workplace no excuse to play around with you. Be direct, open, honest and communicate your issues in a responsible manner. So much is expected of everyone these days, let alone parents – so please don’t be scared to speak your mind.

Work hard, play hard, know your rights and find the time to spend with family – this is your life now!

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