Car Maintenance Basics

Now the weather is starting to turn and it feels like winter
is already on its way it’s important to think about car maintenance. I have posted before about the essential
guide for caring for your car
but I think we all need a little reminder
about what we should be doing to keep our car in tip top condition especially
when conditions on the road become more challenging. If we get into bad habits and not look after
our car properly it can become very costly in the long run. Far easier to keep the car routinely

Naturally it goes without saying make sure you have regular
services, like those offered at make
a note in the calendar so it never gets missed. 
Services make sure all your most important systems are working
effectively, surprisingly services are not a legal requirement which is a shame
really as they keep vehicles road-worthy! 
Serving your car also means problems are identified early on before they
become a bigger problem.

Make sure your
tyres are properly inflated to the recommended pressure, you can buy a tyre
pressure gauge quite inexpensively to check that everything is as it should be
so you’re not going to impact your cars performance or risk a tyre blowout. Be aware that a significant drop in temperature
can impact the amount of pressure needed in your tyres. Alongside using the gauge do manually inspect
your tyres, if the rubber has started to deteriorate or you see visible cracks
consider replacing your tyres. Routinely
check the tread depth of tyres.

Changing the oil
keeps the car well lubricated so all the parts work smoothly, the oil needs to
be changed so it’s not full of dust and dirt which happen over time and would
compromise performance. If you don’t
change the oil and clean the filter your making your car work harder than it
needs too, which just leads to more problems down the line.

Tackle problems with rust before they spread, if your paintwork becomes damaged make sure all the rust is removed before priming and repainting.

There is lots of
advice regarding car maintenance online so if you feel confident you can
quickly familiarise yourself with the most common problems like replacing wheel
bearings or break pads. But even just
covering the basics, making sure you change the oil and check the tyres can
improve performance and increase the longevity of your car.

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