8 Amazing Things You Can Buy With £100

It could be a windfall, the result of some smart saving or a welcome rebate – either way, you’re suddenly sitting on a tidy ton that isn’t tied up in bills or necessities, and you’re not sure how best to spend it. Hard working mums and dads are often overdue a treat, but how will you ensure you splurge on something that’s good value in the long term?

It’s all about perspective. You might not think that £100 can go far nowadays, but these findings might just surprise you. From unforgettable memories to top gadgets, here are eight ways you can make £100 both a treat and a triumph.

Retro selfies with the Polaroid Snap

Digital cameras and smartphones can enact all manner of photographic wizardry these days, but there’s something to be said for physical photos too – something that’s been missing in this digital age of ours. Polaroid has stepped forward with the intelligent and funky Snap camera, which is a 10-megapixel camera with Micro SD card support that also happens to have an inbuilt photo printer, letting you cradle your latest snaps then and there. Best of all, it falls nicely into that £100 price bracket.

Make memories with experience days

Whether it’s skydiving, driving a super car or dining atop the Shard in London, experience day packages make for superb memories that also clock in at a decent price. In fact, each of those examples clocks in at under £100 if you know where to shop, while more relaxing ones like spa days or massage therapies make for a decent alternative to the thrills and spills otherwise mentioned.

Get a smart assistant with Amazon Echo

From weather reports to news, recipes, and even multiple choice soundscape games alongside audiobooks and the radio, Amazon Echo is proving a popular gizmo nowadays. In its heart is the cloud AI that is Alexa, who responds to your voice with surprising accuracy. If it sounds pricey, relax. Amazon offers secondhand, or what they call ‘certified refurbished‘ Amazon Echo units for £100. If that’s still a bit pricey, you can instead order the pint-sized Echo Dot, which has all the functionality but you’ll be providing it a speaker to connect to. Those are just £50 new.

Go on holiday

That’s right! Tricky as it might be to believe, you can get a holiday of up to two weeks in a far-flung locale for under £100, especially if you look for last minute deals. It means staying flexible on your side, but there’s no turning down offers like a recent headline-grabber from Holiday Hypermarket, where a holiday for a fortnight in Zante sold for just £87 with flights included. How awesome would that be? It’s well worth keeping your eye on the deals as they rotate.

Get hi-tech with a budget smartphone

A budget smartphone doesn’t have to be a flimsy piece of tech masquerading as one of Apple or Samsung’s finest. In fact, plenty of these plucky little handsets have cameras with superb features, as well as unique offerings that even the big boys can’t compete with. That’s true of the LG Leon, a smartphone with a distinctive system of unlocking in which you tap out a rhythm as unique as you are instead of using a password or drawing a pattern. Have a look around and what you can pick up might just surprise you.

Get grand days out with National Trust membership

Great Britain houses some of the finest estates, houses, parks and other heritage sites in the world, and whatever you might be led to believe, kids and young couples definitely do still appreciate those locales. While we all keep the fun indoors when tightening our belts, you can get a headstart with National Trust membership paid either via instalments or a lump sum, which gives you access to numerous places across the country. It’s just shy of £65 for an individual for a year, but if you want to bend our list’s rules a bit and plump for the £114.60 family option, it’s going to pay off handsomely later on in saved expenses.

Cook up some interest with a portable barbecue

Measuring no larger than the old chunky portable hi-fi systems from back in the day – remember those? – the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill does exactly what it promises.

With a grill, a high-quality lid and enough portability to be a mainstay at picnics, garden parties and beach days, this is a superb and long-lasting investment in dining in the great outdoors at about £80, depending where you shop. With the change left over, you can invest in tools and briquettes for it, or just plump for a job lot of hamburger patties and get your cook on.

Make your old songs new with a converter turntable

For the record, vinyl is a superb medium for music, and it’s no surprise that it’s making a bit of a comeback lately. Companies like ION have gone a step further by making record playing turntables like the Max LP, that are able to take vinyl records or audio cassettes and convert the sounds to a digital format for your phone or computer. It’s superb stuff that keeps the classics alive, and usually sells at less than £70.

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