Why A PC Is Your Best Option For Gaming

There are plenty of areas in life that are developing at what seems to be a frankly rapid pace and it’s all to do with technology. We can see a microcosm of this in gaming, where developments and innovations are a day apart. You know this if you’re a gamer, and you know this especially if you have kids who game – because they seem to be after the latest console every few months (it’s actually years, but it seems to come around so very fast!)

Gaming is an interesting area to study, simply because it brings a lot to us. It’s not just Mario bopping his head off clay bricks and mushrooms anymore; there’s so much more to it. We can explore space, we can delve into the sea, we can experience incredibly moving stories and of course, sports, sports and more sports. All the sports, in fact.

Is there a ‘best way’ to game? Of course! However, while there might be a pinnacle, don’t discount all the options available to you, and of course, remember your budget. The best option, personally, for gaming is the PC and a custom gaming pc that merges stylistic design with technological performance at that. We don’t want your papa’s HP or an office Dell. We need something up to spec and ready to cope. Dialing it in with an average computer isn’t the best way to experience gaming. You want your mind blown, and you want to do your games justice and experience them in the right way. Why is a PC the best choice for gaming? You are about to find out.


The best thing about a PC is the adaptability, and this is why we seperate a Windows PC from an Apple Mac. Mac’s aren’t fantastic gaming machines. You can certainly game on them, but the freedom of a Windows system is so much better for our gaming needs. Why is that? Well – let’s talk about parts. It’s very easy to change and swap out parts whenever you may need to. This could be because of a system failure or because you are in need of an upgrade – with laptops and Macs, you’re stuck with what you have – for the most part. You can carry out small upgrades, but nothing of the scope or performance of a Windows PC.

Also, we need to discuss the range of games that are available to PC gamers, they far outweigh anything else. If you game on a Windows PC, you can experience more games than a Mac, Linux system, Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One. PC’s are easier to develop for indie developers and this will almost always be the case. Of course, the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One do have exclusive games, but the PC has quantity – especially so if you you’re into strategy games, which have always handled better with a keyboard and a mouse anyway. In terms of prices we need to think about the family budget as well – and PC games are usually cheaper than the console counterparts and this thanks to Steam, the web-based gaming platform that has become the first name in PC gaming. The sales on Steam are regular and cut prices right down to the bone.

It’s not just the selection of games that make a PC the best choice for gaming, but also because of the gaming experience available to gamers with a PC. You’ve got a better range of graphics, with upper-end graphics creating a better graphical experience than the best consoles. You’ve also got plenty of virtual reality software through things like the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift that offer incredible gaming experiences. What’s more, you can go for a panoramic gaming view with three widescreen 4k monitors to make the best of those flight simulators and racing games. The PC can be best described as a key to unlock your gaming experiences.


We also need to think about the uses of a PC outside of gaming. We can complete our work on a PC and use it for shopping and all sorts of things. A good PC offers you a lot more than a bespoke gaming console that can only really be used for entertainment purposes. A good gaming PC might cost you a little more than a console, but it’s future proof and has such a wide selection of games that mean that the PC option is always worth it, and not just worth it – but it will almost always be your best option for gaming.

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