What To Avoid When You’re Feeling Tired

Feeling tired is normal, and it happens to everyone. The trouble is figuring out what to do when you feel worn out. It’s easy to revisit bad habits and make poor decisions when you lack sleep. Try to avoid making these choices at all costs. It won’t do you any good and will be harmful to your well-being over time. 

Your first order of business is to get yourself a good night’s sleep and recover from your tired spell. Focus on implementing positive actions when you’re not feeling your best. Do this by dodging behaviors that aren’t healthy for you. See what to avoid when you’re feeling tired. 

Other People 

It’s possible that you’re the type that is very crabby when they’re tired. If this is you, it’s a good time to stay away from others. You don’t want to regret doing or saying any actions or words that are going to ruin your relationship. Take a rest from people and let yourself recover from your lack of sleep. They’ll understand, and you’ll thank yourself for it later. If you have to talk to someone, at least be aware that you’re feeling exhausted and censor your thoughts, feelings and actions. Be honest with other people, instead of trying to hide it and releasing an outburst of emotions. 


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Staying up Late 

Staying up late on weekends is hurting your sleep patterns. When you’re tired, it’s tempting to want to stay up late and say you can’t sleep. This will only make the problem worse. Stick to a strict sleep schedule all week, even if you get thrown off track. Read a book or take a hot bath and get your mind to unwind and feel drowsy. Go to bed early if you’re feeling exhausted and put yourself back on a regular sleep pattern. This goes for your weekends too when it’s enticing to want to stay up past your bedtime. 

School or Work 

This doesn’t mean to go skipping school and work all of the time. What it means is to take a day off if you need it or to stop feeling the need to be a perfectionist. It’s draining your energy and causing you to fall behind at work and school. Take a vacation and don’t work while you’re supposed to be relaxing. If you take time off, make sure you’re using it wisely. If you’re too tired to work or go to school, take a sick day and recover so you’re healthy to go back the next day. Exhaustion is a sign you’re overdoing it, and your mind and body need a break. Take these signs seriously and cut back on your commitments and obligations until you’re feeling better. 

Making Commitments 

The time to make commitments isn’t when you’re feeling overtired. Avoid situations where you may feel pressured to take on more than you can handle when you aren’t well-rested. It’s easy to make bad decisions when you’re not thinking clearly. Don’t feel like you have to say yes to whatever comes your way. Learn to say no and take care of yourself. Make a commitment to your health and getting proper sleep so you can be more like yourself again. If you do happen to commit while under stress and sleep deprived, simply decline the offer at a later date and leave it at that. 

Checking Emails Late 

The more tired you feel, the more anxious and stressed you become. This causes you to want to check emails at all hours of the night and run yourself ragged. Take a step back and realize how you’re feeling and what you’re doing. Remember that work emails can wait for work hours and you’re not going to solve any problems overnight. Your sleep is more important so you can function the next day and get your work done. Put your devices away at a decent hour and relax. Understand that you’re only making yourself worse by worrying and checking emails during off hours when you should be sleeping. 

Living in A Mess 

Having a messy workspace and home life is going to make you feel more tired just looking at it. Get organized and clean where you spend time, so it’s presentable. Doing work and living in a messy space is only contributing to your stress. Your environments are making you feel more tired than you already are. It’s worth taking the time to straighten up because you’ll feel better and accomplish more in your professional and personal life. Being tired will make you want to ignore the mess and keep on going as you are, but don’t fall into the trap. It won’t take you very long, and you’ll feel like a whole new person. 

Junk Food 

Being tired makes you hungry. It causes you to go for all of the wrong foods that are only going to make you feel more sluggish. Hide the junk food and clear your cabinets of it, so you’re not even tempted. Force yourself to eat leafy greens and protein when you’re tired. It may not be what you want to consume at the time, but your body will be pleasantly surprised. You’ll start to sleep better, have more energy and get in better shape. Don’t let junk food lure you in to picking up bad habits and ruining your diet. Avoid the junk food and get some rest, so you’re no longer tempted to eat it. 

Soda & Caffeine 

Another effect of feeling tired is wanting to consumer sugar and caffeine. It tastes good at the time, but will leave you sluggish and craving more. Ignore your cravings and then let them pass. Turn to water and tea to cure your fatigue. It’s most likely you’re dehydrated in the first place, so this will help replenish your body. It’ll also remove the toxins from your body and improve the look of your skin. You may also crave alcohol before bedtime, but have a glass or water or hot cup of tea instead, and you’ll sleep better. Drinking soda and caffeine will give you a short rush, but then you’ll crash and be back to feeling tired. 

Sitting around 

Being tired makes you feel like laying around the house. Watch a movie, but then force yourself to get up and exercise. Moving will get the blood flowing, you’ll burn some calories and will feel more energy when you’re all finished. Sitting only makes you feel lazier and more tired. At least get up and move around every once in a while. It’s common to skip exercise when you’re tired. Trying to save energy by skipping your workout actually works against you. Exercise will boost your strength and endurance and send nutrients to your tissues. At the very least, go for a long walk to increase your mood and liveliness. 

Stressful Situations 

Taking on stressful situations isn’t going to be good for you when you’re tired. Remove yourself from the demands and revisit them when you’re feeling better. Stress is only going to add fuel to the fire and cause you to sleep less. It’s your job to stay away from unhealthy circumstances while you’re trying to heal yourself. They won’t seem so bad once you’re feeling more like yourself and strong enough to deal with the stress. It doesn’t make you weak or unable to handle tough situations. It simply means you’re tired and will be more successful when you’re rested. 

Skipping Meals 

Another reaction to feeling tired is to skip meals. Eat breakfast each morning and consume a healthy lunch and dinner as well. You’ll feel sluggish if you skip breakfast. Enjoy healthy snacks throughout the day and keep your metabolism going strong. Skipping meals will make you feel hungry and crabby. You won’t function as well as you do when you’re putting nutritious foods in your body. It may feel good to skip meals at the time, but you’ll soon have low-energy and start to crave sugary snacks that aren’t good for you. 


There’s nothing wrong with being tired. The problem is when exhaustion starts to run your life and cause you to make poor decisions. Know your body and when it’s time to take charge and make changes to your life that are going to bring you sustainable health and happiness. This is what to avoid when you’re feeling tired.

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