Keeping the kids asleep for longer! #Tired

Now its the summer holidays one thing is for sure, the boys seem to have a relentless urge to stay up late, which in itself would not generally be an issue, however they also seem to be getting up at the crack of dawn too! For me and the Mrs its seems we have returned to the days when we really got no sleep at all!

So here are my summer tips to get your children sleeping during the summer months!


This is our number one cause of the boys staying awake and getting up so early. They both have VELUX windows and so far we haven’t looked at upgrading the blinds that were already installed when we moved in. Luckily VELUX make your life very easy as each window has an easy to find reference to ensure you buy the correct replacement blind, so I have been on the hunt for VELUX blackout energy blinds not only do they block out the light 24/7 but they also reduce heat loss!


Sure over the summer we get out and about to various Castles, parks and general outdoor adventures (like geocaching), but the boys still seem to be bouncing around without expending all of their energy! So I have taken to getting the boys really active, and not to mention fit by setting them a basic exercise routine, on top of the sports they already undertake.

Screen time

There is no way we could ditch the boys screen time however, we have incorporated learning into the equation, ensuring they do a daily task in maths prior to picking up their playstation controllers and gaming for an hour, means their minds are kept active over the summer which in turn will hopefully lead to a better nights sleep.


Finally the last thing we strive to manage is the bedtime routine, with an attempt to keep things similar to when they are at school. Having a reading session before sleeping ensures they wind down before hitting the land of the nod which hopefully aids a good nights sleep.

Once I have the blinds install I really hope for a good nights sleep, in the meantime if you have any tips for me please let me know!

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