Top tips for laying wood flooring! #diy

Since moving into our new house I have had to set a number of targets to achieve in order to get all of the house livable!

Before the move my DIY skills around the house was limited to stripping wallpaper and painting walls, since then I have a multitude of skills under my belt, from demolishing walls to fitting flooring. 

Demolishing things is easy, however putting things back together is the hard part, as I start researching how to plaster, I thought I would share my top tips for laying wood flooring (laminate and engineered)

Tip 1

While you might be tempted to find the cheapest available flooring, trust me when it come to fitting you want to ensure you go for a quality flooring even if it costs that little bit extra. Cheap flooring will take you hours longer to finish a job. The first room I did was approximately 3m x 5m and took me well over a day and a half, I attempted another room which was 5m x 5m using a superior quality laminate and I was done in just under a day.

Tip 2

Along with the quality of the flooring another point not to be sniffed at is the underlay, ensure you research the best option for the room you are doing, for me the ideal choice was silver foil underlay, which comes in rolls so easier to cover a room than some alternatives.

Tip 3

Have the right tools for the job, ideally you will need:

  • Mitre/Chop Saw
  • Coping Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Laminate Flooring Kit

Having all the tools at your disposal will increase the speed and accuracy of the job.

Tip 4

When laying the flooring think first about which way you want the slates to face, usually you will work across the floor boards, leading up to the window length ways, ensuring a smooth flow to your room. Another quick tip for fitting is to raise the board up by approximately 45 degrees and with a push and gentle hit boards quickly come together.

Since laying laminate style flooring I am really keen to try my hand at solid wood flooring!

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