Great Gifts For Someone Getting Their First Car

So someone has just passed their test and now they can go onto better things with their new life skill. If they’re a young person or a teen, and you’re a parent, you’ll usually buy a new car for them. If you’re a friend or relative, gifts are always appreciated on the journey to independence. 

However, if you have forked out over a new car you don’t really want to spend more money! To get around this, be creative with your plans and remember that a gift can be a precursor and hint at future investments if you’re the sneaky type. Here are a few ideas on what to get someone when they’re getting their first car that will let you celebrate the moment with them. 



Dashboard Accessories

It’s fun to have a pair of dice hanging from your mirror, or have a nodding dog in the back window, but you can really branch out when it comes to creative dashboard accessories. You can even find figures of famous people and everyone loves a hula doll. A lot of these kinds of toys are solar powered as well, so there’s no battery expenses as well as just a hint of the eco friendly. 

Air fresheners are a staple of the driving accessories world and keep your car both feeling and smelling clean. They come in all kinds of scents, with a popular choice being either cherry or vanilla, and you can even branch out to candy varieties. They also come in all sorts of shapes, so a boring old tree doesn’t have to keep swinging round out of the corner of your eye. 

You can find a variety of car stickers that can be stuck anywhere on the interior that will save the outside from a misled creativity trip. Seat covers and cushions also work in terms of keeping seats protected from wear and tear and look fun at the same time. You can even buy big brand items like star wars inspired covers. 

You can even get someone a dashboard camera for both insurance and recreation purposes. People can track their progress in the driving world as well as have evidence for anything that goes wrong to indicate it was not because of their faulty driving. 

A Private Number Plate

We can find these number plates all over the road, but that doesn’t make them any less of a good investment. Having a personalised registration is a good identifier for the serious stuff, but it’s also just pure fun. It can even add a lot of value to a vehicle if it’s a plate someone has been after for a long time. 

Dishing out some money to get some private plates will earn you a special place in a driver’s heart or their passenger seat. Depending on whether you want to make one or buy one, prices can vary, but cheaper plates can be found on the web. These sites are still legal and make plates that can be registered so don’t worry about finding a bogus site, but search around for your peace of mind. 

Hands Free Technology

This is the number one gift for someone who has just got a new car, especially when it’s their first. Having hands free technology available will mean you won’t even be the slightest bit tempted to check your phone whilst at the wheel. 

Even if you’ve opted for hands free tech, their design can still be distracting. Find something that has voice activation abilities as a new driver won’t be fiddling around to make a text message or press a call button. A bluetooth headset is stylish and sleek if your young person is worried about coming off wrong on that front. Similarly, a window holder is practical for a phone and won’t have a driver draw their eyes away from the road. 

When someone is getting used to the road, having to pull over every five minutes or so to check a map gets cumbersome and is extremely outdated. Investing in a SatNav, or helping them to find one, is a good method for road safety. 

The best gifts to celebrate a first time driver’s accomplishment are always going to be practical ones. Doesn’t mean they can’t look good at the same time though. Hopefully these suggestions have given you a few ideas on how to kit out a new car, whether it’s new or old. Introduce a first time driver to the road in the safest way possible.

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