4 Great Qualities Every Geek Should Flaunt


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It seemed to happen in conjunction with Apple’s rise to fame but, basically, being a geek is the new cool. There are tons of theories out there about why this happened and you are welcome to take your pick of which to believe. However, we believe the reason for geek being chic is simply to do with the fact people have come to realize being a geek just means having a passion for something. 

Of course, that isn’t all. In fact, being a geek comes with all sorts of benefits and desirable traits, and that is exactly what we are going to delve into right now. So, without further ado, here are the top reasons why you should take your geekiness and shout about it from the rooftops:


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Geeks Are Committed

In order to be a geek, you need to have a passion for something that goes beyond the average person and nears that of obsession. It could be that you are passionate about the Civil war, car mechanics, archery, fantasy football, watching free online anime, the environment, Game of Thrones or anything. To be a geek on your not-always-chosen subject, you need to have a commitment to it, a loyalty that extends beyond normal, and that is something to be proud of because that kind of commitment can extend into other aspects of your life. 

Geeks Are Perfectionists

In order to become the go to guy on a certain topic, you need to know all there is to know, otherwise, you’ll feel like you’ve let yourself down. What does this mean? Simple. It means doing research, it means being thorough and asking questions no one else has thought to ask. It means knowing the statistics around their favorite football team’s performance last year, it means watching Game of Thrones three times over, and Throne Cast too. It means knowing how motorbike’s work so that you can learn to be the best rider around. It means being part of an anime forum so that you can get other peoples thoughts on an episode. It is hard work, b that is something to be proud of.


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Geeks Are Good Learners

One of the things every geek has in common is they are a sucker for anything curious. They have inquisitive minds that see’s them desperate to keep learning, and that is a characteristic that can see you go far in life. How so? Because life is full of challenges, and when a challenge crops up in the path of a geek, their natural instinct is to figure out how to overcome it, learn and adapt. Despite popular belief, geeks don’t give up, they solve. And if they do give up it is because something really can’t be solved, which makes them smart. Being a good learner is a vital asset in life, as any employer will tell you. 

Geeks Have Passion

This has to be the best quality of a geek because what a waste of a life it would be to coast through without being passionate about something. Being too cool for school may see you escape High School without being shoved into the lockers, but as soon as graduation day passes, you’ll realize being cool means caring about stuff. Passion is a super-addictive and inspiring quality to have and one that shouldn’t be shied away from. As Simon Pegg said, being a geek is liberating because you are allowing your passion to shine and that means you are letting you be you.

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