Advice For Dads: Mastering A Great Appearance

Ah, the joys of being an uncool and unfashionable dad. Your kids groan when you drop them off at school in your t-shirt sporting some joke or reference that nobody gets, with your scraggly and uninspired haircut. This is only the tip of the iceberg, of course, but you get the gist here. The point is that you don’t put much effort into your appearance or you’ve simply forgotten what it takes to have a good appearance. You’re not in high school anymore and you don’t have to look cool for your peers, but that doesn’t mean you should stop putting effort into the way you look. Do it for yourself if nobody else. There are many practical benefits beyond vanity to looking after the way you look, as will be discussed in this article.

Body shape

This should probably be the most important aspect of your appearance that you focus on. There are elements of the way you look that you’re born with and you just can’t change, but that beer belly isn’t one of them. You don’t need a six pack or a model figure (there are so many different body types and none of them are “perfect”), but you should be thinking about having, at least, a healthy figure. This is more for your benefit than anyone else’s. A starting point should involve fixing your diet, and we’ve talked about this elsewhere on our site. Eating well makes you feel better mentally as well as physically, so there’ll be a youthful spring in your step that’ll affect your appearance too. Avoiding excessive sugar is the key; the older you get, the more damage you’ll notice to your teeth as well as your gut. Eating badly affects your appearance on all levels.

Exercise is the second important component to a healthier appearance. There are some intriguing methods such as cryotherapy out there, as mentioned in this article at InStyle, but you can take it easy whilst you dip your toe into the pond. Burning calories has the obvious effect of burning fat and helping you lose weight, but cardio and strength training exercises (when done frequently and properly) can also do a lot for your internal health. It keeps your heart healthy and strong. Again, you’ll feel and appear like a young and cool dad if you look after your health in this way. Yes, you might be getting old and you might be more prone to injuries after exercise, but this shouldn’t deter you. Check out this Vogue piece on recovering from back injuries; those aches and pains don’t have to stop you from looking after your body.


It’s the word many men dread. In fact, this is the word that many parents dread; you don’t have time for fashion trends anymore. You’re busy fathering your children, dealing with bills, and working seemingly-endlessly. Still, you might have the wrong perspective of fashion if you view it this way. Forget the catwalks because wearing a good outfit isn’t about figuring out what’s “in” this season (as much as some people might tell you it is).

Being fashionable and dressing well is simply about wearing clothes that suit your body type and fit you well. Moreover, opting for timeless styles is smarter than wearing something that’ll be out of fashion next month. If you want to find a good range of smart suits because you’ve no idea what you’re looking for when it comes to a “wardrobe overhaul” then check it out over at The Iconic because they’ve got a good selection. It’s a basic selection, in fact, because there’s no hidden complexity to “good fashion”. So don’t obsess over expensive, trendy clothes in a bid to be a cool dad. This article over at POPSUGAR has great tips for picking up great outfits as thrift stores, so money really shouldn’t come into the equation.


This is one that you’ve probably given very little thought. A rugged face, for example, can be very attractive and add some wisdom or maturity to your appearance. You probably feel like a smooth dad with your weathered appearance. However, there’s a difference between rugged lines and unhealthy skin. You might want to check out this article over at Fashion Journal for facial cream that’s being sold for charity (that’s a good a reason to start as any) because dryness isn’t “attractive aging”; it’s just a sign that you’re not looking after your skin.

On a deeper level, if you want to have healthier, younger, and more vitalized skin across your entire body then you might want to think about your consumption habits. Drinking alcohol leads to red and blotchy skin, and smoking cigarettes dehydrates the skin extensively. Both have other extensive health effects on the inside, but these are the effects you’ll notice in terms of external appearance. Of course, on a more positive note, this article over at buro247 talks about the foods you can eat to improve your skin. It’s not just about all the things you should avoid in life to stay healthy.

Mental health

This might seem like a strange final point, but the state of your mind has a huge effect on the state of your body. We’ve discussed this throughout the article, of course, but it’s perhaps the most important point of all. It’s not just about vanity and a good appearance; there are practical health-based reasons for looking after your mind. As a dad, you know full well that the stresses of life have taken a toll on your body; graying hair, a growing belly, and a lack of energy.

Still, to go deeper into some of the earlier points, this Now To Love article explains that things such as the food you eat can have a great effect on your anxiety. Things such as alcohol, sugar, and coffee can worsen depression and mood disorders; they might stimulate the brain, but this isn’t always a good thing. When it comes to positive foods that can help you, you might want to check out this article about garlic. It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom; there are ways to help your mind and body feel healthier and happier.

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