Kid Wants To Ride A Motorbike? Help Them Succeed!

You may be thinking, “not a chance”, but if someone really wants to do something they will. They may have a passion for motocross, which naturally lead them down that route. Perhaps you are a biker yourself and they have followed in your footsteps. First, you need to establish whether it is a fad or not. It is important to do this, because biking is far more dangerous than driving a car, and you want your children to be as safe as possible on the road. As such this is only something they should pursue if they are completely sure. Lapses in concentration on a bike could mean serious injury. As a result, they need to be committed.

First, you need to get them a bike. If you know nothing about bikes you need to do your research. Keep the bike’s engine low on power. It’s their first one so they need to get used to the handling without having too much power beneath them. Remember, bike accidents happen all the time and not always as a result of the biker, read this for a different perspective. Ensure they respect the bike and know issues can occur with ease. At this point, if the laws in your country allow and you are qualified yourself, you can take them out to learn the ropes.



You need to get them the best instructor you can find. They need to be qualified and have a track record. You child will need to learn how to properly ride a bike, they need to know exactly how they work and how to deal with real road situations. Do your research and find a teacher who takes it seriously, not one who cuts corners. This will cost money, but it will help your child pass their test too and become a good rider that can help avoid accidents on the road.

During this learning phase they should also learn about the mechanics of a bike. They aren’t going to learn about the really technical stuff, but general maintenance and the ability to know how a bike works is important, it can dictate how they drive it because they will know what is happening inside as they do it. If you don’t know yourself then consider purchasing a general book about bikes and their inner workings. You should also ensure they can read the dashboard properly, and know what each blinking light means and what to do when it comes on.


Buy them top quality protective equipment. Sure, it costs money, but you need to get them leathers and a helmet. When a biker comes off they will skid across the floor, using leathers can stop the skin shredding and a helmet is important for obvious reasons, just remember to get one of quality that isn’t uncomfortable. You may also want to consider high visibility clothing. Let them choose the leathers, they will be the one wearing it and they won’t want to use something that is deemed “cool”.

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